Where Do I Get A Nerdy Guy?

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Where Do I Get A Nerdy Guy?

You can get a nerdy guy at science and technology conventions.

These kind of conventions are typically filled with guys who love science or technology.

Some will come in groups and others may show up alone.

If you are in a bigger city, you should check your local news sources for upcoming science or technology conventions.

If you don’t live in a particularly big city, you may have one near you that is having these kind of conventions.

Go to them.

These locations can be very ripe for finding a nerdy guy.

Nerdy guys also tend to hang out online a lot more than the very social, extroverted guy.

You will find nerdy guys on websites that cater to playing video games, technology, science, movies, etc.

These are all very ripe places to find a nerdy guy.

Your best bet would be to show that you also have a love of these things.

If you go on a website that caters to nerdy guys that love science, show them that you also have a love and passion for it.

If you were to simply show up and have no idea what is going on or what they are talking about, it will be very difficult for any of those nerdy guys to identify with you.

You should use this approach with any website or forum that you choose to visit or join that would cater to nerdy tastes.

Movies, science, technology, video games, manga, anime sites would all be very ripe places to meet and interact with nerdy guys.

Again, ensure that you know what you are talking about and have some knowledge about the topic.

Another way that you can get a nerdy guy is to try engaging in conversation with the guy who isn’t doing too much talking at the party or social event that you are at.

You know.

The shy guy who just seems to be more intent on playing that board game than talking to people.

Yes, he is one of those nerdy guys.

He may not begin the conversation because he simply isn’t comfortable doing so.

Hence, if you notice this kind of guy at a party or a social event that you are attending, initiate conversation.

A good way to do this is to find a commonality with him.

Perhaps you tell him that you love that board game as well or you even try to play it with him.

If he is playing some game on his phone, ask him what he is playing and if he can show you how to play it.

If he is reading some magazine, ask him what he is reading and show genuine interest in what he is saying.

He is going to be shy at first, but as long as you find some commonality with him, he will begin to loosen up.

Another way you can get a nerdy guy is by taking classes in an area that nerdy guys love. It could be science or tech-related.

You can take a class in some kind of subject like this during the day or even a night class. This is another avenue where you can meet quite a few nerdy guys.

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