To Message Or To Wait?

To Message Or To Wait?

If you feel like messaging, do it.

You shouldn’t wait it out, you would only be giving yourself more worry.

That isn’t worth it.

Message this person and get it over with.

You shouldn’t overdo it though.

In choosing to message this person, give them an opportunity to respond.

In other words, don’t keep sending this person multiple messages because you haven’t heard back from them in a few hours.

Sending multiple messages could drive this person away.

You make this person feel like you are desperate.

This doesn’t help your course in any way.

You should be confident enough in yourself to be able to send a message and leave it at that.

A person who is truly interested in you will respond.

A person who isn’t, won’t.

It is just the way it is.

Try not to take it personally.

Remember that you are a unique individual.

Understand that you have a number of qualities that can be attractive to a mate.

When you take it personally that this person hasn’t messaged you back or told you what you wanted to hear, you make it seem as though you are not worth it.

You could make yourself start feeling bad and even question your value and your importance.

However, you should be accepting of your importance and value.

When you are aware of this and take pride in it, you will not fear the prospect of not getting a response.

I say this because you are worried about how you would feel if you weren’t to get a response or got the wrong kind of response from this person.

In fact, this exact worry is the very reason why you hesitate to send a message.

You have to get over this worry.

Remember who you are and what you love about yourself.

The person you are doesn’t change just because you didn’t get a response or the kind of response that you wanted from this person.

You are still the same old you.

Don’t allow this kind of fear to keep you from messaging this person.

On the contrary, you should look at it in a positive way.

A person who doesn’t respond to your message or doesn’t give you the kind of response you wanted, is a sign that you two obviously weren’t right for each other.

After all, it doesn’t really work if you are the only person that wants romance.

The other person has to show the same kind of gusto and energy.

This means that the right person is still out there.

There is still a world filled with dating possibilities.

So many people make the mistake of believing that this is all there is.

They get so focused on this one person and fearful of getting turned down by them, they forget that there is a world of dating prospects out there.

A world chock-full of them.

You don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket. You have to open your mind and realize that there are several people that could be your match.

When people learn to let go of this fear, they will find it a lot easier to message and not just sit around waiting.


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