Should I Keep The Conversation Going On Tinder Or Ask Him Out?

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Should I Keep The Conversation Going On Tinder Or Ask Him Out?

You should ask him out.

If you have been conversing for a while now on Tinder, it’s time to make the next move and do what needs to be done.

The danger in simply continuing to have conversation is that it can get stale after a while.

When there is nothing there to keep feeding it, the interest will begin to wane on someone’s part.

Letting it get to that point would be a loss.

Remember that it is easy to get distracted on Tinder.

There are lots of people on there that are trying to date and meet someone.

If you were to allow this conversation to keep going with no end game, this guy that you are talking to on Tinder may begin to take more interest in the other girls on Tinder.

If some of those girls are more forward and ask him out, he may take them up on their offer.

That leaves you behind, still trying to make conversation but having no end game in sight.

If you feel that you have developed a healthy sense of who you are dealing with through your conversations on Tinder so far, ask him out.

There is no point in delaying this any further.

You may be worried that he may turn you down.

You shouldn’t.

Remember the reason why you are on Tinder in the first place.

You are there to meet potential dates right?

Well, this is what you have to be focused on.

If he were to turn you down, there are a lot of other potential dates in waiting.

This is a good risk.

You have already built some rapport with him through your conversations on Tinder.

This should make it easier to ask him out.

You don’t have to do anything big or elaborate for the date.

Simply asking him to meet up for coffee or conversation will suffice.

When you overanalyze all of this, you make it that much more difficult to do it.

You worry that he won’t say yes.

You worry that you don’t know where to ask him out to.

You worry that you won’t get along face to face the way you do on Tinder.

This is so unnecessary.

All you are doing here is creating issues that aren’t even there.

You will need to just take a quick leap and do what needs to be done.

You don’t want to live to regret this and have to ask yourself one day about this guy that you never asked out.

You don’t want to wonder what he would have said if you had only asked him out.

Take action to get what you want.

Tinder can be very useful in helping you meet guys but you still have to be proactive.

He may be perfectly willing to go out with you but may not have asked you out already because he has the same doubts you have.

However, this doesn’t mean that someone can’t step up and do what needs to be done.

In this case, this can easily be you.

Once you get past the first date, the following dates will be a lot easier to set up and he may do the asking this time.

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