How Do I Deal With A Girl Crushing On My Boyfriend?

How Do I Deal With A Girl Crushing On My Boyfriend?

The best way to deal with a girl crushing on your boyfriend is to keep your focus on your relationship with your boyfriend and avoid becoming distracted.

When you begin to get so worried about some girl crushing on your boyfriend, you will begin to act as though something wrong has already happened in the relationship.

This is purely manufactured.

You will become anxious every time you know that this girl is going to be around your boyfriend.

You may even make yourself paranoid about what your boyfriend is doing when you are not around and who he may be communicating with on social media or on his phone.

This takes away the focus you need to have on building your relationship.

You begin to forget about all that and become defensive.

Your priorities change and you become all about making sure that this girl doesn’t get close to your boyfriend.

All this is distracting you from what you need to be focused on, your relationship with your boyfriend.

A healthy relationship is built on trust.

You have to start trusting in this and focus your attention on building your relationship with your boyfriend.

Allow your relationship to grow through sharing and learning.

Be open with him about the person you are and strive to get to know him better.

This is one of the most effective ways to deal with a girl that is crushing on your boyfriend.

Let your relationship do the talking.

Don’t give this issue any power by directing all of your focus to it.

Another good way to deal with a girl that is crushing on your boyfriend is to ensure that you allow your boyfriend the room to be his own person.

In other words, avoid becoming overprotective of your boyfriend or jealous.

This is something that you really need to be cognizant of.

When you become overprotective of your boyfriend or jealous, you will make him feel cornered.

He would feel like he can’t really be himself and live a life without having you constantly questioning what he is doing.

This will put him on the defensive.

When he starts feeling like he has to defend himself to you all the time and keep assuring you that you have nothing to worry about, he will sense that you lack confidence and faith in both yourself and in him.

This is actually what can easily push him away.

This is what could be the catalyst that leads him into the arms of this other girl who is crushing on him or to someone else.

You essentially drove him away by how overprotective and jealous you were over him.

You will have to avoid being this way.

Give your boyfriend the room to be himself and live his life.

When you are open and free with him, he is open and free with you.

He will not feel the need to keep defending himself.

He would be glad to share information with you without the need to hide anything because he is afraid that you will become jealous.

This is what you should want.

The moment he begins to feel compelled to hide things from you is the moment you will have to start worrying. However, he never has to get to this point as long as you treat him with respect and confidence.

This is how you are able to maintain trust in your relationship and thereby give it a better chance at longevity.

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4 thoughts on “How Do I Deal With A Girl Crushing On My Boyfriend?”

  1. What if this girl has already been a problem and although it did stop for awhile she’s back in the picture. And he’s already admitted to liking the attention and sometimes doesn’t meet me because he’s with her? It’s like I know he won’t cheat but they’re dancing on the line.

  2. Hi Lea,

    If it has gotten to the point where he won’t meet you because he is with her, that is a problem.

    You should have a real conversation with him and let him know how this makes you feel. The both of you have to set some strict boundaries as far as the extent in which he is going to interact with this other girl.

    If he truly cares about you, he will listen and follow through.

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