Why Is My Ex Trying To Set Me Up With His Friend?

Your ex is trying to set you up with his friend believing that you would have a lot in common with him.

Why Is My Ex Trying To Set Me Up With His Friend?He thinks you two would get along.

Your ex has some history with you, so he knows what you tend to like.

He is of the mindset that his friend can meet that requirement.

His friend has spoken about you to him.

In other words, his friend really likes you.

If your ex was friends with this guy when he was dating you, his friend probably liked you then too.

Now that your ex is no longer dating you, his friend has been asking him for an introduction to you.

Besides this, your ex wants to keep you close and in his life.

He wants you around and doesn’t want to lose contact with you.

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Knowing what is going on in your life and in some ways living vicariously through his friend if you two were to date, gives him access to your life to a degree.

This is how he keeps his connection with you alive.

This is an ex who isn’t entirely over you.

He wants you close so that he can hear about you from his friend.

He can reminisce on what it was like to date you through the stories that his friend tells him about you.

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He learns about more of what you like and how you are.

Your ex is hoping that he gets to see you from time to time when his friend brings you to social gatherings, believing that this would be one of his best options to get close to you again.

He wants to see whether that chemistry is still there when you are around each other in these social settings.

Unfortunately, this means that he is using his friend as a pawn just to keep you close.

An ex who is keeping you around because he isn’t willing to completely let go of the relationship, or is hoping that the relationship is rekindled at some point in the future are strong possibilities.

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Figure out how you feel about your ex.

In a context where you still have feelings for him, you could ask him to have a meeting with you and tell you about his true intentions.

Tell him to be absolutely honest with you.

Should he tell you that he wants to try being in a relationship again, you have to decide whether it is worth it.

Use your past relationship as your guide.

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Don’t simply fall for it just because you want to be with him again.

If your ex tells you that his intention is simply to get you to meet his friend because he believes that there will be a connection, in choosing to date your ex’s friend, your ex remains in the picture in some capacity.

When you haven’t gotten over your ex or still have issues with him, avoid dating his friend.

It only keeps reminding you of him.

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