My Girlfriend Is Going To Another Guy’s House

My Girlfriend Is Going To Another Guy's House

In what context is your girlfriend going to another guy’s house?

Context is relevant.

Is it for some kind of celebration where there will be other people involved?

Is it for a business meeting of some sort?

Is it in order to pick something up that she needs for work or for home?

Is it as a favor to a friend who needs something handled that involves this other guy?

Is she going because she wants to hang out with a longtime friend?

Based on what your girlfriend tells you, you should be able to determine the reason.

Now, after having determined it, you will need to trust your girlfriend.

When you are able to fully trust your girlfriend, you will not be stressed and worried.

Think about why she is your girlfriend in the first place.

What qualities about her attracted you to her?

Try to remember those at this time.

If she was open to you about going to this guy’s house and told you the reason for it, she is being transparent.

She isn’t trying to hide anything from you.

This should encourage you and give you an idea of what her intentions are.

The danger of becoming jealous or worried about this is that such behavior can make your girlfriend upset and uneasy.

She may not necessarily tell you that she feels that way but she does. She would feel like you don’t trust her.

After everything that she has shared with you, you don’t trust her.

You may even make some accusations that aren’t true because you got carried away in the moment.

You may not say out loud that you don’t believe her reason for going to this guy’s house but you are thinking it.

Your girlfriend can see that in your face and your mannerisms.

She would be able to tell how you are responding to all of this.

This may make her decide to drop the whole thing and not go over to this guy’s house at all.

You may initially feel relieved at this decision but this would only be the beginning of a strained relationship.

She would remember this.

She would know that you don’t trust her.

In the future, she would feel compelled to lie to you about what she is going to do and who with.

She would feel compelled to lie to you about where she is going to hang out.

She does this because she knows that the moment she mentions that there will be a guy there, you will freak out.

You will show disdain and distrust.

She doesn’t want to be put in this position.

This is how it starts. One partner starts feeling compelled to become deceitful.

Once they get used to it, they can justify something as egregious as cheating because they feel like their partner has been asking for it.

Why not give their partner a dose of what they keep implying that they are doing?

Hence, your biggest fear actually becomes your reality and you were the one that set it in motion.

Your relationship should be built on trust.

This is what makes it healthy and long-lasting.

You can only have trust when you start believing in each other and in the relationship that you have.

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