Been Dating A Girl Who I Like But I Think I’ve Messed It Up?

Been Dating A Girl Who I Like But I Think I've Messed It Up?

Your best bet in this scenario is not to act like you have messed it up.

If you get so caught up in believing that you have messed it up, you may begin to act in a way that could jeopardize the relationship.

The truth is, you really don’t know if you have messed it up or not.

You are simply making an assumption based on something that may have recently happened.

I get it, you are nervous.

Maybe you believe that you said or did something inappropriate.

However, there is the way you are looking at this and the way she may be looking at it as well.

These may be two completely different interpretations.

Believing that you messed up doesn’t mean that she believes the same.

Understand this.

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It is important that you do.

The danger here is when you start making assumptions.

Assumptions could lead you to act in a way that is defensive.

When you act in this way, you may make her feel like something has happened that she may not even be sure of.

She may even begin to believe that you are looking at her differently now and may not like her as much.

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In other words, when you start acting differently based on the assumptions that you have, you may force her to begin to view the relationship as strained and different.

This may make her uncomfortable and ultimately lead her to no longer want to communicate or interact with you.

This is why it is so crucial that you don’t begin to act in a certain way simply because you have made an assumption.

If you believe that you messed up, let her be the judge of that.

You will know that she feels that you messed up or not by how she acts from here on out.

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However, you shouldn’t exacerbate the issue by beginning to act in a particular way.

This is what we tend to do as human beings when we are essentially playing defense.

We start trying to overcompensate for something.

Unfortunately, the harder we try, the more prone we will be to make mistakes.

This isn’t something that you should allow yourself to do.

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Also understand that she will deal with this in her own way.

If you believe that you said or did something that may have messed all of this up, she may be able to handle this in a mature way and be willing to move forward from it.

She really might.

You would make this a lot less likely if you were to continuously bring up the topic or begin to act in a different way.

You have no idea how she will deal with this.

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Give her the opportunity to approach and handle it in her own way.

It may surprise you just how much she is willing to move forward and keep this dating process going.

You should also be very cognizant of the possibility that you may have interpreted that you messed up based on occurrences you have had in past relationships.

You may believe that you will have the same reaction from her.

Perhaps this is something that you have said or done in the past.

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However, do understand that she is a totally separate individual.

She may look at this incident in a totally different way than that of your ex or a past relationship.

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