What To Do When You Are Wondering If She Is Cheating Or Not?

Ask yourself why you suspect she is cheating in the first place and be absolutely conscious of how your mind is working.

What To Do When You Are Wondering If She Is Cheating Or Not?What has she done to fuel this belief?

Come to terms with your thoughts, as they are sometimes your worst enemy.

Thoughts are powerful.

These are some of the most common signs of cheating, especially in combination:

– Hiding her phone from you.

– Changing her relationship status on a social media account.

– Avoiding sex.

– Less affection.

– Incessantly doing her laundry.

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– Stops checking your phone or social media.

When none of these are present, there is a reason to consider that you are experiencing emotional unhappiness.

Emotional unhappiness occurs when there is insecurity about your influence in the relationship.

This happens when there is a sense that the relationship is not headed in the right direction.

You are looking at the relationships of your friends or family members and envying them, inquiring why your own relationship isn’t matching up.

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This is where your mind plays tricks on you.

A dearth of happiness in where your relationship is going, tricks the mind into creating issues that aren’t there.

She is talking on the phone in another room and you assume that she is talking to some guy that she is cheating on you with.

When she is going out with friends sans you, you conclude that she is out there with some other guy and not her friends.

This is your train of thought.

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When she cancels on coming over to your place or meeting you on a date, tired from work, you decide she is meeting someone else on the side.

Emotional unhappiness in a relationship is a ticket to mental gymnastics, your mind practically convincing you that she isn’t to be trusted no matter what she says.

When emotional unhappiness is the issue, talking to her about what you need in the relationship is your best solution.

Without informing her about what you need in the relationship, she doesn’t know.

As far as she is concerned, you are happy.

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Have an open conversation about what you need in the relationship and solve the issue.

Something else some people do in your situation is play the victim.

Playing victim makes it smoother for some people to exit a relationship.

Sometimes people do it out of boredom with their relationship, other times, it’s done out of a fear of getting dumped first.

The idea that she is soon to dump you is terrifying.

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Getting ahead of it by bamboozling yourself into believing she is cheating on you is how you save face.

As long as you genuinely want to stay with her, slow your train of thought down.

This fearful, emotional state of mind rears its ugly head when a partner has been on the receiving end of betrayal.

A previous girlfriend that cheated on you has no bearing on your present relationship.

Remember how you felt about this girl while you were courting her?

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Think about where your emotions were then, compare those emotions to the now.

Those emotions run deeper, don’t they?

This is normally what happens as we bond with someone.

Emotions run so much deeper than they once did and there is more to lose.

This fear sometimes goes too far and you convince yourself that she is cheating when she isn’t.

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Ease up on your emotions.

Go back to the mindset of the guy you were earlier on.

With the absences of any clear signs she is cheating, no need to make something out of nothing.

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