Is She Cheating Or What?

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Is She Cheating Or What?

There are reasons why you may suspect that she is cheating.

The first step in trying to figure this out is to ask yourself why you suspect that she is cheating in the first place.

In other words, what particular acts or events led you to believe this.

It is very important to do this because you must eliminate anything that is based out of emotional unhappiness.

The emotional unhappiness typically occurs when you start feeling insecure about your influence in the relationship.

This often occurs when you feel like the relationship is not headed in the right direction.

You may even be looking at the relationships of your friends or family members and envying them.

You wonder why your own relationship doesn’t seem to match up.

This is where your mind begins to play tricks on you.

Due to the fact that you may not be necessarily happy with where your relationship is going, your mind starts creating issues that may not really be there.

You start seeing her talking on the phone in another room and assume that she is talking to some guy that she is cheating on you with.

When she tells you that she wants to do something with her friends sans you, you start thinking that she may be out there with some other guy and not her friends.

Your train of thought could easily go here.

When she tells you that she doesn’t want to come over to your place today because she is tired or had something else planned, you start thinking that she is doing that because she is seeing someone else on the side.

When she suddenly breaks a planned date out of nowhere, you start thinking that she must have done it because she is planning to be with that other guy.

Again, the idea is that, when you start feeling emotionally unhappy or inappropriate in the relationship due to the fact that it may not be going the way you want it to, it becomes much easier for you to start finding ways to make yourself believe that she is cheating.

Sometimes people do this because they are trying to find an excuse to get out of the relationship.

Other times they do it out of fear.

The fear that they may be dumped too soon or in a manner that is humiliating.

If you feel that this is not your emotional state and yet you suspect that she is cheating, you should temper your attitude.

This simply means that you should really play it calm and composed.

Don’t allow yourself to look at every little thing and point a finger at her cheating.

Instead, just allow the relationship to flow in its natural order.

Keep being the boyfriend. Support her and let her support you if she so chooses.

Put in a genuine effort to make the relationship fresh and exciting.

Now, if you notice that she is not returning the favor, this is where you act.

She may not be returning the favor when she doesn’t try as hard as you to set up activities that the both of you can partake in.

She may also not be returning the favor when she is not listening to you and lending her verbal support where necessary as much as you are.

You should be observant of her behavior.

The same applies when she is not opening herself up to you about her life in the way you open yourself up to her.

You act by having a talk with her in relation to this.

It should be honest and not accusatory.

You should ask her why she isn’t returning the favor.

You will find that if indeed she is cheating, she will either let you know indirectly in some way by telling you that her feelings for you may not be as strong as they used to be or she may come right out and say that she is indeed seeing someone else.

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