Would A Guy Like It If His Girlfriend Wrote Him A Love Letter For His Birthday?

Guys would like it if their girlfriend wrote them a love letter for their birthday, as long as it is done correctly.

Would A Guy Like It If His Girlfriend Wrote Him A Love Letter For His Birthday?The love letter is a sign of how much his girlfriend loves him, and he appreciates this.

It works to your advantage to keep the love letter relatively short though.

Getting to the heart or the point of the message as soon as possible makes it much easier for the guy to consume.

Guys are not that interested in reading pages and pages of writing.

So it is best to keep the love letter short and to the point.

Give him this love letter as a sign of your love for him, but don’t pressure him to read it right then and there, in your presence.

In other words, it is best to give him the love letter and tell him to read it later when he is on his own.

This allows him the opportunity to actually read it when you are not around.

Since you are around, he feels the pressure to react in a certain way, knowing that you are anticipating a reaction from him.

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You shouldn’t put him in this position.

Your goal should be to let him read the love letter at his own time, when he is in his own space.

This is the time that the love letter has the most poignant impact on him.

He is reading it in his own free time by his own volition.

I know it is tempting to want to see how he reacts to your love letter while you are face to face, but avoid this temptation.

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Do be cognizant of this.

The true test of how appreciative he is for your love letter is in how he reacts to you after having read it on his own.

He is showing that he happily read the love letter on his own time without you prodding him to do so in front of you.

Let him read it when he is on his own without you around.

Give him the opportunity to come back to you at a later time and tell you just how that love letter made him feel.

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Try not to bring up the topic at a later date either.

In other words, avoid asking him whether he read the love letter.

Again, you would only be putting undue pressure on him, and as a result, you are belying the whole purpose of the love letter to begin with.

The purpose is to have him voluntarily tell you about the effect that the love letter had on him.

He should be the one who comes up with the topic as a point of discussion.

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This lets you to know that he read it and it affected him so profoundly that he felt the need to bring it up.

This is how you have a positive impact with this love letter.

This way, you proceed to building more and more of a bond with your boyfriend and consequently strengthen your relationship as a result.

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