Love. What Does It Mean?

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Love. What Does It Mean?

Love means you deeply care about someone and are just as concerned about their well-being as you are your own.

Your immediate thoughts when you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night has this person in the mix.

Love is sensation.

A sensation of overwhelming gratitude.

It means that the “I” that you have had for most of your life as far as your daily and future ventures has now been replaced by “We.”

A day or future without this person is unimaginable.

Love doesn’t mean that you forget about your value and self-worth nor does it mean that you elevate your value or self-worth.

For love to be meaningful and true, the parties see the best in each other and view each other as equals.

Where so many people in love fail in their relationships is when they think that someone in the relationship has more value than the other.

Frequently in relationships, one partner makes most of the sacrifices.

They slide their own aspirations and desires to the side to wholly accommodate that of their partner’s.

Unfortunately, this love is harmful and demeaning.

Inevitably, the other partner takes advantage of this, falling into the trap of placing their value higher than that of their partner’s.

The giving partner has obviously facilitated this and the relationship is consequently lopsided.

This love doesn’t last for long as it is the antithesis of what love in a relationship is.

The unfortunate outcome is that the partner who does the giving continues feeling inclined to do so, believing that their only value is in making the other happy.

The real meaning of love is when the parties see and recognize each other’s equal value.

There has to be an understanding that you are equal members of a team.

Real love happens when your approach is one of togetherness and solidarity.

One person giving more love than the other is not healthy.

Many relationships fall into this crevice when one party keeps doing more for the other.

The other grows to expect it and unfortunately puts out a lot less effort over time.

Soon, their love diminishes into selfishness and self-aggrandizement.

This is where the relationship takes a sharp turn for the worst.

When you are figuring out what love means, think about your value.

Why does being with you make a partner happy?

Why are you special and unique?

Once you comprehend what you bring to a relationship, you recognize that your sole purpose isn’t to please your partner or yourself.

In being one as a couple and embracing your equality in the relationship, love genuinely shines.

Realized love is one of sharing and caring between two individuals who see each other as equals and appreciate what the other brings to the relationship each and every day.

There is a mutual investment in emotional safety and everything within their power is done to maintain it for each other.

This is the potency of love.

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