Guy Says He’s Falling For Me. Does This Mean He Likes Me Or Maybe Even Loves Me?

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Guy Says He's Falling For Me. Does This Mean He Likes Me Or Maybe Even Loves Me?

He probably doesn’t love you quite yet.

If this guy told you that he is falling for you, he may be indicating that he is beginning to feel like he may be able to have a romantic future with you.

There may be a part of him that is getting attached to your personality and the way you make him feel.

He may feel like you are the kind of person he would like to spend a good amount of his free time with.

When a guy is falling for you, he is often entering a different stage in the interaction.

He has gone from initial physical attraction to something deeper.

There is more substance in the interaction that he is having with you.

He knows that he is no longer solely focused on your physical appeal, but he is now intrigued by your personality and your charm.

This is the stage where he begins to think about you more on a daily basis.

In fact, he may think about you more than he thinks about most things.

He may begin to open up his schedule or reshuffle it just to ensure that he gets to talk to you or interact with you in some way.

Thereby, you are now becoming a priority to him.

He wants to know what you are up to and how you may be feeling on a regular basis.

He is actually beginning to care.

He may start talking about you to his friends or work colleagues a lot more.

He may even ask them about their opinion on something you said or did the last time he interacted with you.

All of a sudden, his relationship with you is no longer simply about meaningless banter or flirting.

Things are a lot more substantive now.

He really cares about what you think about a particular issue because he wants to determine whether you are of the same opinion.

He may be hopeful that you share the same opinion about it but even if you don’t, he may be willing to look at the issue from your mode of thinking.

This is typically what a guy is going through when he is falling for a girl.

So, he does like you.

He is beginning to look at you as someone that he may have no trouble bringing around his friends and family.

Notwithstanding, he may not be quite ready to take the full plunge into the relationship.

He may need to get a little bit more interaction out of you before he decides that it is time to make this relationship official or ask you on a date.

Also, when he is falling for you, he will typically care about who you may be talking to romantically.

So you might notice him asking you questions about who you are dating or if you are dating anyone.

He does this in order to know whether he has to worry about competition or whether the road is clear.

A guy like this is the most susceptible to falling in love with the girl soon after he gets into an official relationship with her because the seeds of love had already been planted prior to the relationship.

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