Why Isn’t He Breaking Up With Me But Giving Me The Cold Shoulder?

Why Isn't He Breaking Up With Me But Giving Me The Cold Shoulder?

He may not be breaking up with you but still giving you the cold shoulder because he is unsure of what to do with the relationship at this stage.

This typically happens when a guy isn’t that into who he is dating but still feels like there are some benefits to his date that he would still like to keep around.

When he gives you the cold shoulder, he is showing that he would really prefer doing something on his own at the time.

He just wants to be away from you.

He really would rather go hang out with his friends, play a video game, fix his truck, go camping, etc.

He would rather just do something for himself around other people that he enjoys.

If you were to be around, he would only be constantly worried about the issue at hand.

He doesn’t want to have to constantly deal with these thoughts.

He likes the sense of freedom that it gives him when he gives you the cold shoulder so that he doesn’t have to wrestle with those thoughts.

He knows that it allows him the opportunity to forget that he has personal issues with you or that he is very lukewarm in his feelings for you.

However, he still doesn’t break up with you because amid all of this he still feels like you have value.

He doesn’t want to entirely let go of something that does give him a degree of pleasure or happiness from time to time.

He may also realize that to break up with you would be to put himself in a position where he may possibly remain doubtful and regretful of his decision.

He doesn’t want to put himself in that position unnecessarily.

He may have already invested quite a bit of time and emotion on his relationship with you.

He may feel like it wouldn’t be prudent to simply throw all of that away at this time.

You are someone that he did put out an effort to court and date after all.

He remains doubtful about where he wants the relationship to go though.

This doubt may be keeping him unsure of what to do.

He appreciates certain moments that he has with you because of certain qualities that you may have but he knows that he can’t be around you too often.

He is essentially stuck somewhere in the middle.

Thereby, he chooses not to break up with you but continue giving you the cold shoulder.

Another reason why he isn’t breaking up with you but is giving you the cold shoulder may also be because he is intent on doing so but he is yet to find a replacement.

This is especially true if the moments that he gives you the cold shoulder are prolonged and he isn’t trying in anyway to let you know what is bothering him in the relationship.

If he isn’t trying to fix his issues with you and merely giving you the cold shoulder, he may be looking for someone else.

However, he doesn’t want to break up with you until he has found that person who will take your place.

He doesn’t want to be left without a partner.

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