Why Do People Unfriend One Another On Facebook?

Why Do People Unfriend One Another On Facebook?

People unfriend one another on Facebook because they are trying to either prove a point or they are trying to move on in their lives.

When the person is trying to prove a point, they may unfriend another on their Facebook in order to let that person know that they are unhappy.

That person who was unfriended may have said or done something recently that wasn’t appreciated.

It may have even been an argument or something that wasn’t really spoken of at the time but endured in silence.

This person who unfriended the other on Facebook may even have issues with the other that has been building over time.

Those issues don’t seem to be getting resolved and this person feels like their next or only option is to unfriend on Facebook.

The intent is typically not to make this permanent.

In this scenario, the person who is doing the unfriending on Facebook is merely trying to let the other know that they are unhappy about something.

They may feel like they have no other way to let this person know how they feel and be taken seriously.

They resort to doing this because it makes them feel like they can take some kind of control over the situation.

It gives them a sense of security to know that there is a tool that they can use to strike back.

When they unfriend the other on Facebook, they may feel some initial sense of relief and empowerment.

However, this period typically doesn’t last too long.

If they are unfriending someone that they are relatively close to, they will grow to miss this person’s attention and presence.

They will also be constantly asked by mutual friends about why they have unfriended that particular person.

This builds a formidable degree of pressure on them that ultimately leads to them changing their mind and friending the person again.

There are other people who unfriend on Facebook in order to move on with their lives.

They typically do this with the intent of making it permanent.

They may have been continuous having personal issues with this other person.

There may have been several arguments that have gone unresolved.

They may not even like certain people that are in this other person’s life and believe that those people are a negative influence.

There is just a sense of disconnection and unhappiness.

They feel negativity when they think about this person.

They believe that by unfriending this person on Facebook, they will have the best chance of cleaning up their negative past with this person and moving forward with their lives.

They may have tried to make the relationship work to no avail.

They may have given up a lot of their personal time to make things work with this person.

They may have even repeatedly told this person about their unhappiness and this person either didn’t care or barely made the effort to work things out.

They reach the end of their level of tolerance.

They feel like the situation is hopeless and is only dragging them down both emotionally and mentally.

They come to the decision to unfriend this person on Facebook in the hopes that they can move on and create some distance between themselves and the negativity.

The negativity has become too much of a factor in their lives.

This kind of negativity could be affecting them so much that they are having a hard time even getting along with their close friends or family members.

They may find that they are acting in a way that is damaging their other relationships.

Once they discover this, they realize that it is best to unfriend this person.

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