Should I Be Bothered That My Boyfriend Texts His Friends On The Weekend When It Should Be Our Time Together?

Should I Be Bothered That My Boyfriend Texts His Friends On The Weekend When It Should Be Our Time Together?

Texting his friends from time to time on the weekend shouldn’t be an issue.

Never smother your boyfriend by trying to completely hijack all his free time.

Doing this only makes him detest you.

Although you do miss him throughout the week while you are both involved in your lives, he still has a life and other people in it.

Sharing the weekends with you is a good sign that he does want to see you, but you shouldn’t take this to mean he should give you all of his attention at every waking moment.

His friends want to know what he is up to.

Briefly texting them back in response to a message they sent isn’t something that should bother you.

That being said, the weekend is your time together and to that end, he shouldn’t be spending the majority of his time texting his friends.

But you shouldn’t go overboard with how much attention you expect him to give you.

A few replies to text messages he has received from friends is fine.

Now, it’s a different story if he is spending his entire weekend with you literally texting back and forth with his friends to the point where conversation and activities between you are constantly interrupted.

If that is happening, you both need to take the time to plan out your weekends so that they are no longer monotonous in nature.

Sometimes, a boyfriend is doing all this texting to friends as he has gotten bored with the monotony of these weekends, knowing what to expect.

A bored boyfriend is going to be distracted by texts from friends.

To avoid this, come up with new activities to do together over the weekend.

What activities are his passion?

Is there an activity you both always talk about doing but never get around to it?

Start doing them.

If boredom is the reason why your boyfriend keeps texting his friends on the weekend, preplanning your weekends together and coming up with new activities each time could end that boredom.

He is less prone to even check his phone when he is doing an activity with you that he is loving and fully invested in.

Don’t take your relationship with him for granted.

Though the weekend is supposed to be your time together, that doesn’t absolve the both of you from putting in the effort to make each weekend different and fun.

Something else you should consider is taking the time to get to know his friends better.

Building stronger relationships with his friends makes them feel more emotionally connected to you, causing them to like you.

Help them out from time to time with favors, spend time with them and just have fun together.

Let them get to see just how awesome of a girl you are.

Doing this over time puts you in a position where you have a lot more clout with them, having earned their respect.

This allows you to request that they keep their communication with your boyfriend at a minimum when the weekends arrive as you would love to spend as much of that precious time as you can with their friend, your boyfriend.

Having taken the time to build stronger relationships with them, they are more prone to granting your request out of respect for you, knowing that their friend has a great gal by his side and deserves to spend more time with her.


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