Are My Boyfriend And I About To Break Up?

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Are My Boyfriend And I About To Break Up?

You and your boyfriend are about to break up when he is barely communicating with you or going out on dates with you.

You have to observe.

If you have noticed a drastic reduction in conversations and dates, he may be having those with someone else.

Either that or he simply wants to be on his own.

When he agrees to a date with you but keeps cancelling at the last possible moment, he is about to break up with you.

You may even notice that you tend to be the one who initiates most of the conversation or the dates.

If you are the one doing this, you are showing a lot of energy that isn’t being returned.

Even if he were to go on some of these dates with you, he may seem bored and absentminded.

It is almost like he is somewhere else or he just doesn’t want to be there.

These are all very powerful signs that your boyfriend is about to break up with you.

You should also consider how often he actually attempts to hang out with your family and friends as well.

He may start giving you every excuse in the book in order to avoid hanging out with them or going to a function where he knows they will be.

This is his way of beginning to create distance between himself and those you care about.

He knows that the less time he spends with your family and friends, the less likely he will get asked questions about how the relationship is going.

He wouldn’t have to keep feigning excitement about his relationship with you or acting like the perfect boyfriend.

He would also be able to avoid questions about possible marriage.

He just doesn’t want to be around any of that because he knows that you aren’t someone he sees in his future.

Who he sees himself with in the future is important.

If you notice that he rarely talks about the future with you, he may be about to break up with you.

This is especially true if you know that he used to do this before.

In the past, he would mention his future plans and include you in those plans.

However, he hasn’t done that recently.

When you bring up something about a future plan that included you that he had once mentioned, he may try to brush it off and change the subject.

It may be a question about a future trip that he had mentioned.

When you bring it up, he may try to act like he didn’t just hear what you said or he may simply change the subject entirely.

This is showing that he isn’t even trying to entertain the idea anymore and is trying to avoid conjuring that image in his head.

Another sign that your boyfriend is about to break up with you may be in what he is doing in the bedroom.

He may refuse to look at you in the eye anymore while you are being intimate or he may want to get it over with fast.

This is not typical of a guy that wants to be with you for the long-term.

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