How Do You Stop Obsessing Over Texting Somebody?

How Do You Stop Obsessing Over Texting Somebody?

Be aware that you have now reached a point where you are creating your own realities of what life with this person would be like as their partner.

Those fantastical realities make you feel good.

Such a rush.

When they intensify in your mind, you lose track of time.

You want this feeling to keep going.

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Without much hesitation, you text him.

He is the source of all these good feelings.

By getting him to text back and forth with you, he would only enhance just how great he makes you feel.

Texting him obsessively is based on your need to keep feeling this good and the hope that you never lose this euphoria-inducing lifeline.

Fantasies about him that you have created in your mind put a smile on your face when you go to sleep.

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But they aren’t enough.

You need to hear from him too.

A connection between the source of your euphoric fantasies and reality needs to be made.

When you text him and he responds, it makes you feel reassured that your fantasies are bound to come true.

This only leads to you having even more fantasies, which then leads to you texting him again.

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Soon, it becomes an obsession.

He doesn’t even always respond to each message, yet you find yourself sending him another text and then another.

Stopping the obsession starts with putting an end to the fantasies about him that you create in your mind on a daily basis.

How could you possibly know he is your protector when he has done nothing so far to prove it?

How could you be so sure he will only ever have eyes for you when you know nothing of his dating history?

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What makes you think his affection is a given when he hasn’t displayed all that much affection towards you besides what he says when he flirts with you over text?

There are so many convenient conclusions you have made about this guy without having any true sense of whether he is capable of achieving all of them.

Come to this realization now.

The fantasies you have created about him in your mind are not reality.

He has to prove himself in reality before you give him all these accolades.

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Once you come to this reality, the thought of sending yet another text message should give you pause.

Not feeling it yet?

Okay, think about this.

The more you obsessively text him, the more emotionally attached you become.

Your life becomes entirely dependent on hearing back from him.

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After a while, the fantasies aren’t enough to keep you going.

Like any heavy drinker or drug user, they have to keep increasing their doses just to feel anything.

At a certain point, the fantasies won’t be enough.

The less you hear back from him, the more emotionally depressed you become.

This keeps you from not only doing the activities you love but it also affects important relationships you have with family and friends.

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An obsessed person isn’t fun to be around.

All you ever want to talk about is him.

The energy over time is sapped within you as all you want is to keep hearing back from a guy who takes too much time to respond.

Before you know it, you have either lost out on good relationships in your life or those relationships have been severely hampered by your obsession.

You don’t even recognize yourself anymore as you have ignored all your favorite activities and just been moping around hoping he texts you.

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You have become a shell of yourself.

Once you have reached this point, your chances of getting him to like you or make you his girlfriend are completely over.

He doesn’t want a girl who is now a shell of herself with damaged relationships all around her.

Obsessing over texting him has done the complete opposite of what you wanted.

It has made you undateable.

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Is that what you want?

Of course not.

Let this potential reality be your wake-up call.


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