Do You Or Will You Show Off Your Love Life On Social Media?

Lots of people show off their love life on social media, and the newer the relationship, the likelier this happens to an unhealthy extent.

Do You Or Will You Show Off Your Love Life On Social Media?The girl in the relationship gets so caught up in how she feels about her new boyfriend, she has to share endless photos of him on social media.

For her, it isn’t only about how he makes her feel when they are together.

She doubly gets a rush from how people react to them.

When she shows off her love life on social media, she is hoping that she gets recognition, praise, and envy from people who are watching.

This recognition makes her feel better about her relationship.

With people reacting so positively or enviously to her boyfriend, she must be doing something right.

This is how she thinks.

These are people recognizing her happiness, which makes her feel acknowledged.

There is a greater perception of security that she makes her believe that she chose the right guy.

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Social media in today’s society is a major part of people’s identity.

To put it succinctly, if it isn’t shown on social media, it didn’t happen.

This is why you see people taking multiple photos of themselves at multiple locations or events, so as to post them instantly to their social media accounts.

She is thinking that if she doesn’t take these photos and post them to her social media, she was never here.

She has to have proof of that.

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To her, posting this proof on her social media account validates that she was at this event.

This behavior is taken to such an extreme, many of these people aren’t fully present enough at the event to wholeheartedly enjoy it.

She is so caught up in taking the perfect photo to post to her social media accounts, she is barely present to the occasion, and incapable of appreciating it fully.

Posting these photos to social media means that she lived this event.

Notwithstanding, how much of the event did she live?

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How much precious time did she lose as she was obsessed with taking these photos at the event?

Social media has reached a level where it has become a major part of people’s identities.

To her, if she doesn’t show her love life on social media, it means it isn’t happening.

After all, she shows everything else, why not her love life too?

The danger of getting carried away with showing too much of your love life on social media is that you forget that the relationship comes first.

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You get so caught up in the aesthetics or the facade of showing that you are happy, you forget about the importance of working on your relationship and keeping it healthy.

Your focus is too narrowly constricted to what you are portraying to the world at large, as opposed to spending quality time together.

This is quality time that has nothing to do with setting up the perfect photo to post to your social media account in a few moments.

Doing less posting about your love life on social media, makes for a happier relationship.

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