My Crush Kissed Me Last Night. What Does This Mean?

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My Crush Kissed Me Last Night. What Does This Mean?

If your crush kissed you last night, there is a good chance that your crush likes you.

Your crush may have been waiting for the right moment to kiss you for a while.

He may have wanted to do it recently but kept waiting for a time that would work the best.

He may have totally planned it out.

If it was a quick kiss, your crush may have been worried that you wouldn’t respond the way he wanted.

He kissed you quickly just so that he wouldn’t prolong the moment and make it awkward.

This may also indicate that your crush is quite shy.

Hence, if it was a quick kiss and you like your crush, ensure that you make eye contact and smile the next time you see him.

This will help in making him feel confident and assured that you do like him.

You can even start a conversation with him.

You could boost his confidence by letting him know that you loved the kiss.

This emboldens him to want to continue talking to you and even ask you out on a date.

If the kiss was slower and lasted longer, that is a strong indication that your crush is confident in his belief that you like him romantically.

He may not need that much encouragement to continue talking to you.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should leave this all to him.

You should still smile at him and be open to having longer conversations with him.

He may want to talk to you more and learn more about you.

He may want you to open up to him about what you love and who you really are.

These are important moments that shouldn’t go to waste.

You should give him the same energy that he is giving you.

Don’t become complacent.

When you become complacent, you will let your crush do most of the work without any reciprocation.

Though he may be confident in his belief that you like him, this isn’t necessarily always going to be the case if you don’t give him a good amount of energy back.

He may get bored and move on to someone else.

Another reason why your crush may have kissed you last night may be because he wants you to keep him in mind.

He may feel like you are currently getting a lot of attention from other guys.

He decides to kiss you because he wants to separate himself from the other guys.

He wants you to be aware that he is serious about you.

He wants you to focus on him as opposed to the other guys.

When he chose to kiss you, he may have been trying to get you to like him and like him only.

He doesn’t want to share you with the other guys.

He wants you to notice that he is different and is confident.

He did something bold so that you can set him apart from the other guys and begin to give him the majority of your attention.

He hopes that by kissing you, he is the one that you will think about the most.

If he is the one that you think about the most, you may show him more attention when you are both around each other or near each other.

This then makes him feel that much more encouraged to keep talking to you because he would feel like you are setting him apart from all the other guys in giving him this attention.

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