My Crush Kissed Me Last Night. What Does This Mean?

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My Crush Kissed Me Last Night. What Does This Mean?

A kiss from a crush is an indication of attraction.

Receiving a kiss last night wasn’t accidental or spontaneous.

Your crush has wanted to kiss you for a while.

He planned it out, hoping for the right moment to do it.

There are two distinctions when it comes to a first kiss with a crush.

A quick kiss and a long kiss.

A quick kiss means that your crush was worried about your response and chose to make it quick to keep from creating an awkward moment.

This is a shy crush.

It took a lot of courage for him to kiss you last night.

Depending on how you responded to the kiss, your crush is either encouraged or not.

Did you maintain eye contact with him and smile after the quick kiss?

Did you compliment the kiss?

Doing either of these or the two is a positive to your shy crush.

He feels encouraged in knowing that you liked the kiss and is hoping to kiss you again in the future.

Emboldened by your positive response, he initiates future conversations with you and braves flirtation.

On your part, an absence of either one of these two positive reactions to his quick kiss, is a trickier situation.

Being that he is shy, he needs reassurance whenever he makes a bold move.

Shy guys aren’t known for making bold moves.

When they do it, it took much out of them and they require a positive response to be inspired to go on.

A shy guy who doesn’t receive the right feedback from a girl they have kissed, is susceptible to embarrassment and regret.

This is where he doesn’t follow up on the kiss, choosing rather to avoid being around you so as not to instigate an awkward moment.

What did you do after the quick kiss?

What was your body language like?

A response that was negative requires that you do some damage control.

Being shy, he needs to know he did right by you and didn’t turn you off.

To encourage him, make eye contact with him the next time you see him and smile.

This sends the message to him that you aren’t turned off.

In doing this, he is encouraged to talk to you again to develop further chemistry with you.

On the flip side, a long kiss means that your crush is confident.

What was it like after the kiss?

A crush who liked the kiss is going to stick around and instigate further conversation with you.

Did he stick around and chat with you?

Sticking around means he liked the kiss enough that he is now inspired to experience a greater amount of your personality.

This is a great sign.

As long as you respond to his text messages or phone calls here on out, he is on the path to asking you out on a proper date.

Where there is no conversation after a long kiss and a look on his face akin to having just kissed a dead fish, he isn’t motivated to follow up on it.

A kiss is a big deal.

A bad first kiss kills the buzz.

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