He Went Back To His Cheating Ex. Why?

He Went Back To His Cheating Ex. Why?

He may have gone back to his cheating ex because he still loves her.

This tends to be one of the most common reasons why someone would go back to an ex.

I understand that it really makes no sense to some extent.

Why go back to someone that performed the ultimate betrayal of cheating?

Why would someone do such a thing and put themselves right back into a very uncertain situation?

Well, love can make people very irrational.

It can make a person believe something that makes no real rational sense.

When a person loves, they have so much dopamine reacting in their brain.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that causes euphoria.

When the brain connects this kind of euphoric feeling to the rest of the body, it can be very hard to ignore.

It is almost like a very powerful and addicting drug taking over your entire being.

When he thinks about his ex, the first thing that comes into his mind is not the fact that she cheated.


On the contrary, the first thing he may experience is that euphoric feeling.

The thought of this ex sets off that chemical reaction in his body.

Like a drug addict he becomes attached to that amazing feeling and he wants to experience it over and over again.

He is not thinking about the cheating, he is thinking about how good he is feeling.

The cheating then becomes an afterthought that is filled with illogical justification.

He tells himself that perhaps he was at fault for the cheating.

Perhaps he didn’t give her the kind of attention she deserved while they were dating.

He tells himself that she has changed.

She simply made a mistake and will not do it again.

He may even try to blame the person that she cheated with. He may tell himself that the person was such a sleaze and was somehow able to tempt his poor ex-girlfriend.

He has now painted his ex-girlfriend as a victim.

A victim of a relationship crime she perpetrated?

Makes no sense right?

Unfortunately, this is how the brain works when a person is still desperately in love with someone else even when that person cheated on them.

Something else that could be involved here may be the fact that he has never really found someone else that affected him quite the way his ex did.

Perhaps he has dated since then and yet no one ever seems to get him to that level.

There is always something missing.

It could be excitement.

It could be a sense of intrigue or adventure.

It could simply be having someone that just gets him.

He may have never experienced that since he stopped dating his ex.

Perhaps he has been looking for it and failed.

He decides to give his ex another chance because he just hasn’t been able to find someone else who meets his emotional needs the way she does.

If she is really good with persuasion, it makes it a lot more likely that she would appeal to his sense of lack.

This makes it that much easier for him to go back to her.

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