Telling A Girl You Like Her Through Text/Call?

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Telling A Girl You Like Her Through Text/Call?

It is best to tell the girl that you like her face to face.

If you were to tell her that you like her through a text or a call, it may make her feel like you didn’t have the courage to tell her face to face.

Girls like guys who are assertive and aren’t afraid to go for what they want.

When you tell her face to face, you are being assertive.

This is very attractive to girls.

You would also make her feel like she is the one you truly desire and want.

If you were to simply send a text, she may wonder about just how many girls you do this with.

In essence, she may feel like she is nothing special to you because texting a whole bunch of girls can be a lot easier than telling them face to face.

She may wonder what number she is in that category.

A girl doesn’t want to feel that way.

When you tell her that you like her face to face, she knows that you are actually taking out the time and effort to address her personally.

This has a much more lasting and powerful effect on her than a text or a call.

A girl also wants to see your face, listen to your voice and observe your mannerisms in real life.

She wants to experience your body language.

She wants to feel how comfortable you are with each other.

Some of this can be revealed when you are face to face.

She can’t really get this experience by staring at a text or listening to a call.

It is a lot more of a visceral and authentic experience for her when you tell her that you like her face to face.

She can actually gauge how she feels about you at that moment.

She would have the opportunity to allow her emotions to send her the message of whether there is true interest or not.

She would be able to know if she is experiencing true excitement as opposed to resentment.

When it is face to face, there is no piece of technology blocking her experience.

There is no technological buffer.

What she feels would be in the spur of the moment.

A totally natural reaction.

That reaction may be one of agreement or may be one of non-interest.

However, either way, you get her true reaction.

You get her true intent.

When you tell her that you like her through a text or a call, you deny her the opportunity to have this kind of visceral reaction.

You deny her the opportunity to truly gauge her feelings because you are doing it through the unnatural medium of technology.

You should avoid doing this.

You would want to get her natural reaction and not one caused out of a lack of real life proximity.

Tell her that you like her face to face and allow the moment to happen in whatever way it will.

Be assertive and clear with your intentions.

This will give you the best chance at getting her to consider what you have said.

The more confident she deems you to be, the more likely she will take what you are telling her seriously and even consider it.

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