How Would I Go About Approaching This Particularly Quiet Person?

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How Would I Go About Approaching This Particularly Quiet Person?

Understand that being that this is a quiet person, they may be relatively uncomfortable with conversation at first.

Thereby, you shouldn’t begin to worry if you have approached this quiet person and you are attempting to start a conversation and they don’t seem to be as talkative initially.

It does take some time before a quiet person would be able or willing to talk more and allow themselves to get into the conversation on a deeper level.

Your best approach with this is to try to use something that the quiet person would be familiar with as a topic of conversation.

The more familiar this quiet person is with the topic, the better.

It allows them to feel more comfortable talking about the topic in question because they know so much about it.

It is familiar territory and quiet people tend to like this.

It makes them feel safe and even gives them a degree of confidence.

They know the topic, so they won’t be so afraid about embarrassing themselves when talking to you.

If you take the same classes with this quiet person, you can talk about a class.

If you go to the same church as this person, you can talk about something related to the last sermon or to the church.

If you work at the same job as this person and perhaps you have close work stations, you can talk about their particular expertise at the job.

Again, familiar topics are safe topics with quiet people.

It gives them an opportunity to feel less restrained in their response to you.

In the process of talking to this quiet person about something familiar, they may eventually start warming up to you and the conversation may segue to different topics.

However, ensure that you don’t force the issue.

If you were to segue to a completely different topic just because you are bored with the current topic that they are familiar with, you may do so too prematurely and consequently make them feel uncomfortable.

It is best to either allow the quiet person to be the one to segue to a different topic or only segue to a different topic if it has a direct relation to the topic you were already talking about.

This really helps the conversation.

Again, you want this quiet person to be as comfortable as possible with you during conversation.

You need to let things happen naturally.

Another good way to go about approaching a quiet person is by finding a way to relate to them on something.

It could be something that they may be wearing or a particular type of music that they could be listening to at that moment or even a mannerism that they have through their body language.

It is best to relate to it in some way by giving them a little account of your own similar experience.

The more they feel that you are like them in some way, the easier it will be for them to loosen up and identify with you as well.

This makes them feel like they have a kindred spirit and they can instantly form a connection with you.

Once they get to this level of comfort, it will be easier for them to open up to you.

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