I Feel Like She Is Out Of My League

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I Feel Like She Is Out Of My League

When you feel that someone is out of your league, that is the reality that you will create for yourself.

That is how it works.

Your mind will essentially tell your body to start acting according to the reality you have created.

Hence, your confidence around her will be very low even if you are typically a person who has a lot of confidence.

You should ask yourself why you feel like she is out of your league and then after doing so, you should get real.

You may believe that she is out of your league because of the types of guys she has dated in the past.

You may believe that she is out of your league because she is way too good looking.

You may believe that she is out of your league because of her social status and where her family and friends may come from.

You have to throw all these thoughts out the window.

When you allow these negative thoughts to take over your mind, they hinder you from attaining what you want.

What do you truly want?

You want the girl, right?

Okay, take a look at yourself.

What does your family, friends and acquaintances tend to like about you?

They tend to like you for various reasons.

You do add some happiness and meaning into their lives.

This is for a reason.

You clearly have something to offer them and by extension, the rest of the world.

You can offer the same to this girl.

This girl only becomes out of your league when you allow yourself to think in that way.

If you believe that you are simply not good looking enough for her, how do you truly know that?

Have you actually talked to her and gotten this information?

How could you possibly know what she finds attractive versus what she doesn’t?

When you are out and about, don’t you notice good looking girls dating guys you would consider average looking?

If you haven’t observed this in the past, start doing so.

Take a look at the good looking girls you see from day to day and who they are dating.

I can guarantee you that a lot of those guys are not as good looking as the girls.

So there goes that argument.

Okay, so you believe that the guys that she has dated in the past look totally different from the way you look.

They may have been more buff than you, blond, taller, etc.

Well, who are you to make the judgment that the next guy she dates will look exactly the same as the rest?

That’s her call, not yours.

When you make this judgement for her, you are essentially being the judge and jury of her heart.

She is the one in charge of her heart, not you.

Hence, you should give her the opportunity to decide if you are the kind of guy she wants to date by asking her out as opposed to making assumptions of what her “type” is.

So there goes that argument.

So, you may feel that she is out of your league because she has a totally different social status than you and hangs out with a totally different crowd.

Have you ever heard the term “opposites attract?”

How do you know that she may not be at a point in her life where she wants something different?

People can get bored with the same old everyday.

The same friends, the same social settings, the same opinions, the same culture.

They start craving something different.

You may be exactly what they need and would be looking for.

You may be that person who is “different” enough to bring some sort of excitement back into their life.

The point of all this is simple. Never just assume that a girl is out of your league.

Don’t be the judge and jury of what she may like and what she may not like.

Give her the opportunity to make that decision by stepping up and asking her out.

At that point, whatever happens happens.

Whether she agrees to go out with you or not, you have shown a strong level of confidence and belief in yourself that you can then use in future encounters with other girls.

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