Is Texting Ruining Healthy Relationships In The Technologically Advanced World We Live In?

Texting only ruins healthy relationships when it becomes a replacement for face to face communication.

Is Texting Ruining Healthy Relationships In The Technologically Advanced World We Live In?When you avail texting as the main form of communication, it puts your relationship on a path to ruin.

Texting is an addictingly convenient method of communicating.

People use it so much now that some barely talk on the phone.

Texting was originally supposed to be about sending out quick information, as you didn’t have the time for a full-fledged conversation.

It was not designed to be a tool for an actual full-fledged conversation.

In the beginning, it feels just fine.

The convenience of it is enticing.

It ruins a healthy relationship when it instigates a significant loss of one on one conversation via phone or face to face meetings.

Having disjointed text conversations seep in.

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What you lose by falling into this trap is the sense of closeness that you are supposed to have with your partner.

Once you lose that sense of closeness with your partner, brushing them off and cutting back on hang out time follows.

You much rather text them while doing something else, as it is so much more convenient.

You give excuses, stating that you have this or that to do so a date is inconvenient, but you still text the person while you do laundry or watch your favorite TV show.

Getting sucked into this pattern, not realizing that precious moments for face to face verbal conversation are being avoided due to the convenience of texting, is inevitable.

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Texting ruins healthy relationships when it is a replacement to real face to face communication and intimacy.

Watch for this and steer clear.

Prevent it from becoming the norm.

Sacrificing face to face meetings for mere texting is a relationship killer.

Relationships that work on developing a deeper and more personal connection through face to face conversations thrive.

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Emojis and other cute text language only goes so far in letting you know the real person that you are in a relationship with.

Face to face meetings do so much more.

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