Is Texting Ruining Healthy Relationships?

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Is Texting Ruining Healthy Relationships?

Texting only begins to ruin healthy relationships when it essentially becomes a replacement for face to face communication.

When you start using texting as the main form of communication, it may put your relationship on a path to ruin.

Texting has become a very convenient way of communicating.

People use it so much now that some barely talk on the phone.

Texting was originally supposed to be about sending out quick information because you simply didn’t have the time for a full fledged conversation.

It was not designed to be a tool for an actual full fledged conversation.

It may feel just fine in the beginning.

The convenience of it all can be very enticing.

However, it begins to ruin a healthy relationship when the loss of one on one conversation via phone or face to face starts suffering as a result of it.

This is crucial to understand and be aware of.

It gets that much easier to simply have a disjointed text conversation than a real face to face or phone conversation with your partner because it is just so convenient.

What you lose by falling into this trap is the sense of closeness that you are supposed to have with your partner.

Once you start losing that sense of closeness with your partner, it starts getting easier to brush them off and start cutting back on hang out time.

You would rather text them while engaged in something else because it is so much more convenient.

It is easier.

You will begin to start giving excuses.

You have this or that to do so you can’t make it for a date but you can text while you do your laundry or watch your favorite TV show.

It is easy to get sucked into this way of thinking, not realizing that the precious moments you should be physically spending with your partner are being avoided due to the convenience of texting.

Hence, texting can ruin healthy relationships when they become a replacement to real face to face communication and intimacy.

This is what you should watch for and avoid.

Face to face interaction should never be sacrificed for mere texting.

It’s about developing that connection with someone on a deeper and more personal level.

Emojis and other cute text language can only go so far in letting you know the real person that you are dealing with.

Face to face interaction does so much more.

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