How To Know Where I Stand In Her Mind?

How To Know Where I Stand In Her Mind?

Her actions will typically tell you where you stand in her mind.

If she truly likes you, she will do certain things to show it even if she is shy.

If she is shy, there are moments that you will catch her looking your way before she turns away because you have just caught her looking at you.

You may notice that she looks down whenever she is about to walk past you even though her head was up just prior to that.

You may notice that she will often get quiet when you are around even though she was just talking openly with her friends.

These are strong signs that a shy girl likes you and you are constantly in her mind.

If she is an extroverted girl, she may be more obvious with her interest in you.

She may smile your way often.

You may notice that she will make eye contact with you quite often and let it linger.

She may give you compliments often and even touch you continuously as she interacts with you.

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She may ask you whether you have a girlfriend or if there is someone that you are seeing.

She may try to make sure that she hangs out where you tend to hang out.

Hence, you will notice that she is often at the places that you like to spend your Friday nights or weekends and she may be walking around constantly just so that she makes sure that you notice her.

She may even try to overtly flirt with you by asking you some risque questions about your life and dating preferences.

These are all things an extroverted girl could do to show interest.

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You will know how you stand in her mind because she would be showing you as much through her actions.

Obviously, you should understand what these signs mean.

Whether she is shy or extroverted, a girl who is romantically interested in you will only be for so long.

This is why you should always be ready and willing to take action when the opportunity presents itself or simply go for it from the get go.

Even if you may not be entirely sure of where you stand in this girl’s mind, you should still make a decisive move to determine where you do stand.

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You may feel like you haven’t really gotten the signs of interest from her.

You may believe that she is too erratic in her behavior. However, you should be willing to take the chance on her if you are interested in her.

A girl may like you but still find very effective ways to keep that fact hidden from you.

Hence, you would be unable to really gauge her thoroughly if you only keep looking for obvious signs that she is interested in you.

This is when you have to take the initiative and ask her out.

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Try not to think too much about it.

The more you think about it, the more nervous you will make yourself and you may end up not doing it altogether.

Once you’ve asked her out, you will know for certain where you stand in her mind because you will get an answer.

Anything short of a yes typically means that she is not interested.

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