Why Would An Ex Text You Constantly For A Week And Then Nothing?

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Why Would An Ex Text You Constantly For A Week And Then Nothing?Your ex may have had an argument with their current partner that caused them to doubt the relationship.

It may have made your ex insecure and unhappy.

They contact you because they are looking to feel better about themselves. They want to have a sense of belonging. They want to feel like they are still worthwhile to someone.

At some point during the week, your ex’s partner or the person they may be currently dating may have made up with your ex.

Your ex is now feeling better about the situation and no longer needs you for emotional support.

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Your ex stops texting you.

This is something that happens quite often.

You may suddenly hear from an ex only to stop hearing from them a little time later.

Your ex at that moment of initial contact may have simply wanted some kind of emotional support.

You are someone they have a history with.

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Hence, they felt it prudent to contact you and text you in order to help them deal with whatever issues they may be going through in a current relationship with someone else.

You were simply there to help them cope and remind them of their value.

An ex may also do this because there may be a part of them that felt like the past relationship that they had with you simply didn’t end the right way.

They may feel like they never got the kind of closure that they wanted.

They may feel like there were some things that were left unsaid.

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Hence, they contact you because they may want to divulge more.

They may want to elaborate on something or express an opinion about something that had to do with your previous relationship.

During this week, they hope that they will make progress in this department.

They will be able to finally get some kind of mental closure.

They just might get it from you.

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If they do, they may feel like it was time well spent and now they can move on with their lives.

Your ex stops texting you.

An ex may text you for a week then do nothing because they are just plain bored and stuck in between romantic partners.

They are not necessarily looking to get back with you.

They are simply trying to figure out how to occupy their time.

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They may feel like they wouldn’t mind hooking up with you during this period of limbo but they aren’t intent on actually getting back together.

They text you because they want to gauge your emotions.

They want to see if you are still into them and possibly game to hook up or just do something together.

They want someone that they know and have had history with to help them pass the time.

You may even be fun and they remember that.

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They text you to relieve the boredom because they are hoping that you can still entertain them with that fun personality.

Once you have satiated their need for excitement and relieved the boredom, they may stop texting.

They don’t need to anymore.

You have fulfilled what they wanted.

They can now focus on finding someone new.

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It’s important to understand and accept this so that you don’t end up spending too much time fruitlessly hoping to rekindle a relationship.

010By Luke Iwuji, a dating coach and founder of DatingLogic.net. For the best professional dating or relationship advice, Book a Session with me.