How Do I Make A Good Online Dating Profile?

How Do I Make A Good Online Dating Profile?

Post plenty of photos on youronline dating profile.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

You have heard this before, haven’t you?

Well, it is for good reason.

Pictures tell a story.

They tell it in a manner that words can’t.

Use your photos to convey your personality and lifestyle.

Show yourself doing activities that you love and in places that matter to you.

This is how people become acquainted with you, drawn to your uniqueness and interested enough to send you a message.

Use recent photos.

There is no point posting a photo of yourself doing something ten years ago that you no longer have an interest in doing today.

This is pointless and misleading.

Remember that the whole idea is to convey a message of who you are today and what you love to do today.

When your passions have changed over the years, those photos need to be as current as your passions.

A good online dating profile tells a good story.

An online dating profile essay contains interesting anecdotes about you.

Your stories must be entertaining and enlightening.

Use short paragraphs.

This is how your online dating profile essay breathes.

When people read it, it is easier to follow, than when it is filled with chunks of continuous writing with no breaks.

You want that online dating profile to be easy on the eyes.

Let it breathe.

Keep your anecdotal accounts relatively short and leave the reader hankering for more.

Don’t give up every single interesting detail about your trip to Paris this summer.

Talk about the wonderful food and describe a scenic location, but stop short of revealing everything.

Give them the impression there is a lot more where that came from.

Yet another enticing tool to entice someone to send you a message asking you about your trip to Paris.

An online dating profile essay is descriptive.

It isn’t about making statements.

Statements are boring.

They don’t compel a reaction out of the reader, as the reader doesn’t get an emotional experience from reading statements.

Instead of stating that you are funny in your online dating profile essay, write something that is actually funny.

Do, not say.

Being descriptive in your essay, elicits the right emotion from the reader.

This compels them to send you a message.

Read your online dating profile essay and correct any grammatical or spelling errors before you publish it.

Reading an online dating profile essay that is full of grammatical errors is exceedingly grating.

This leaves a terrible first impression and they are yet to finish reading your first paragraph.

You have lost them before your personality had enough time to shine through.

Never underestimate how much good grammar matters.

Proofread your essay multiple times.

Get a friend or family member to read it, so that someone outside of yourself has a read without bias.

Two pairs of eyes are better than one.

You rarely get a second chance to make a good first impression.

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