How To Stop Liking My Best Friend?

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How To Stop Liking My Best Friend?

A best friend who is single and available, needs to know that you like him.

In the case that he likes you too, this is music to his ears.

Finally, he knows that you want more than a friendship.

Don’t overlook the reality that you like your best friend.

You don’t just stop liking someone.

No matter how much you desire to.

That feeling isn’t wished away.

This is your best friend.

Someone you have known for a while and developed deep feelings for, as a friend and a romantic potential.

Putting a stop to liking him is a miscalculation.

As long as he is single and available, given the history of close friendship you have had with him, there is a strong probability he likes you too.

Many best friends end up dating.

Giving up a shot at a romantic relationship with him, out of fear that revealing you like him changes something about your relationship, isn’t warranted.

Whether you fear rejection or losing the friendship, these assumptions are completely uncalled for.

A best friend has a powerful history with you.

The likelihood of losing your friendship over a revelation of your romantic interest in him is absolutely mute.

The best of friends remain friends when romantic love is unrequited.

As long as you two handle the rejection as adults, the friendship isn’t hurt.

As far as the fear of rejection, everyone fears it.

It’s worth the risk though.

Having a life with an amazing romantic partner who happens to be your best friend are known to be the longest-lasting and healthiest relationships.

That prospect is worth risking rejection.

Regret is much worse.

Imagine looking back on your life after multiple failed marriages, contemplating what a life with your best friend would have been like.

Too late now.

You chose to stop liking him instead of informing him about how you felt about him.

Don’t make this miscalculation.

Our minds are our worst enemies when we are fearful about doing something.

Our insecurities well up to the surface, as we make assumptions.

We assume our best friend doesn’t like us romantically, or he won’t look at us in the eye with respect ever again.

This is how your mind overwhelms you, fabricating assumptions that don’t exist.

Don’t overthink it.

Go to your best friend and tell him that you like him.

In the case that you truly want to stop liking your best friend, as you only want to have a platonic relationship with him and nothing more, spend less time with him.

Yes, I know, this sounds radical.

It isn’t permanent.

Hang out with a variety of people and do a variety of activities.

Spend less face time with him and cut back on how much you talk to him.

You are using this time to hang out with different people and participate in different activities.

Occupying your thoughts with other concerns is the goal.

It’s hard to stop liking a guy you talk to and hang out with around the clock.

This is why you need to cut back on how much time you spend with him.

Remember, it’s temporary.

Trust on the foundation of friendship you have already set with this best friend.

Taking the next month or two working on yourself and cutting back on time spent with your best friend, isn’t an end to your friendship.

What you are doing is detoxing from him for a month or two.

Hopefully, during this period, you make friends with new people or build stronger bonds with people already in your life, or do activities that take up a good chunk of your mental energy.

Once you direct your mental energy to other concerns, while reducing the amount of time spent with your best friend, the romantic feelings you have for your best friend diminish.

He is not as prevalent in your thoughts.

Those thoughts are being replaced with the new activity you have planned that afternoon or the new people you are about to meet over the weekend.

Soon, you realize you haven’t felt romantic butterflies for your boyfriend in weeks.

From here, working your best friend back into your daily routine is feasible, as you have gone beyond the romantic emotions you once felt for him.

Assuming that you don’t want to do something this drastic, think about spending less alone time with your best friend, whether you are hanging out at home or out and about town.

Have another friend or multiple friends come along.

When there is another friend present, you direct your energy to someone else besides your best friend.

This keeps you from having to apply your full attention on your best friend.

Inserting a friend or multiple friends whenever you hang out with your best friend reduces the amount of energy you spend on your best friend.

The less mental energy spent on your best friend, the less you like him.

Be consistent in doing this over several months and you stop liking your best friend.

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