How To Stop Liking My Best Friend?

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How To Stop Liking My Best Friend?

If your best friend is available, you should let them know how you feel about them.

You will have to be honest with yourself about this situation.

If you like your best friend in a romantic sense, let them be aware of this.

They may feel the same way you do.

They may actually want more than a friendship.

A lot of people make the mistake of simply trying to ignore the fact that they like their best friend.

They tell themselves that if they were to let their best friend know about how they feel, they could lose their best friend as a friend.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your best friend has a history of friendship with you.

They care about you and value the relationship that they have with you.

If you were to let them know that you like them, it doesn’t change the history that you have with them.

Sure, there may be some awkwardness at first but for the most part, you are still important to them.

Even if they don’t like you in the way you like them, they would still value you as a person and a close friend.

There is simply too much history there to throw away simply based on the fact that you like them in a romantic sense.

Don’t allow yourself to make assumptions.

Assumptions would only lead you to create scenarios in your head that would deter you from being honest about your feelings to your best friend.

If you are absolutely set on not wanting to like your best friend anymore, I can still give you a very powerful way to do it.

As I have been reiterating in the earlier paragraphs, I wouldn’t recommend this.

If your best friend is available and you have feelings for them, you should let them know.

It’s the practical thing to do.

However, if you still feel you must stop liking them, you can actually start this process by spending less time with them.

Yes, I know, this may sound radical.

However, it doesn’t have to be permanent.

You just need to start hanging out with different people as much as you can.

Spend less face and talk time with your best friend.

This will be temporary.

You simply need this period to help you occupy your thoughts with other concerns.

If you are always around your best friend and the both of you do everything together, it will be hard for you to stop thinking about how much you like them.

Every time you see your best friend, your first thought may be about just how much you like them.

If you started doing activities with other people and minimized your time with your best friend for now, you will think about your best friend less.

If you cannot bring yourself to minimize the time you spend with your best friend, ensure that whenever you are around your best friend, there are other people present that you can interact with as well.

This gives you a distraction whenever you are around your best friend.

These distractions can help you focus on what others are saying.

As long as you are being distracted on focused on other people besides your boyfriend, you may begin to cope with this a lot easier.

This ultimately allows you to move on in your mind.

You may even meet someone new in this new environment that you may like and start getting to know.

Once you feel like your mind is settled, you can bring your best friend fully back into the fold like it was before.

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