What Is The Best Way To Forget Your Ex-Boyfriend For Good?

Forgetting your ex-boyfriend requires an acceptance that the relationship is over, and this is critical.

What Is The Best Way To Forget Your Ex-Boyfriend For Good?Accepting the relationship is over and never to return is your first step.

Many people hold on to the hope of getting back together with their ex-boyfriend, and this is where they fail.

When you do this, it is hard for your mind to move on.

Leaving a little sliver of hope, jeopardizes the prospect of forgetting your ex-boyfriend.

Your mind is the first step in making this work.

It must accept that the relationship is over and never to return.

Once you fully accept this, you move on to the next stage.

You have to do different activities that excite you, and make it a combination of new activities and old ones.

These activities occupy your time and your thoughts.

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When you are occupying your time doing activities that you love or that challenge you, you won’t have much time to be thinking about your ex-boyfriend.

Your priorities change, as you identify activities you want to get better at and work harder towards that end.

Whether you are learning new yoga moves, running a marathon or learning a new language, you are keeping yourself and your mind busy.

You are growing as a person, as you push yourself in mind and body.

This in turn makes you feel relaxed in your own skin and persona.

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You identify with who you are and what makes you so unique.

As you succeed in these activities, your range of self-esteem grows.

Finally, you are in tune with who you are as a person.

As a valuable asset, any future partner is lucking out in dating you, and you know it.

While you occupy your time with these activities, avoid behavior that brings your ex-boyfriend back into the forefront of your mind.

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Keep away from visiting his social media accounts, or asking mutual friends or acquaintances about him.

Shun going through past photos of him that you have stored on your phone, social media accounts or laptop.

Bypass going to locations that remind you of him.

This is how you create distance.

The less you do that reminds you of him, the further he is pushed into the recesses of your mind, permitting you to forget him.

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Out of sight is out of mind.

This doesn’t mean that you are bitter and hating on him.

You are creating space in your mind, so that you fill it with new memories that don’t involve him.

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