Is A Guy Being Bald Seriously That Bad?

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Is A Guy Being Bald Seriously That Bad?

Being bald as a guy is seriously not that bad.

A guy’s confidence is central to attraction.

A guy who has confidence and dresses right, forces many girls to overlook that he is bald.

As a bald guy, own it.

When you are constantly worried about your bald head and how girls regard it, your behavior is negatively affected.

The girl never gets to experience the charming, funny guy you are, as they perceive that you are bothered about something.

Don’t behave like this around girls.

Most girls prefer a confident guy above everything else.

They are multifaceted in their dating habits.

Very few girls date the exact same guy every time.

It’s akin to eating the same meal each and every day.

No one likes that.

A girl dates an assortment of guys, some of whom look completely different from the last guy she dated.

Attraction is subjective and has no definitive category.

Looking at the dating history of the average woman, there is an assortment of men.

She has dated tall guys, short guys, skinny guys, overweight guys, and yes, bald or balding guys.

Don’t stick yourself in a box.

Own who you are, including your bald head.

Is it seriously that bad?

It isn’t.

Some of the most successful men in the world of sports, entertainment, science, business, etc., are bald.

They don’t suffer from a deficiency of attention from women.


They are confident.

Their baldness was never something they used to keep themselves from being the best at their sport, business, craft, etc.

The flocks of women who are attracted to these bald men are enamored by their success and haven’t given their baldness a moment’s thought of negativity.

Draw inspiration from these men.

You don’t have to be obsessed with achieving what they have achieved.

Being your own person, fixate on your own passions.

Strive to achieve them to the best of your ability.

Confidence and success in a man is a potent combination that many women won’t resist.

What about your personality makes you incomparable?

Are you humorous?

Show it off.

When you are with women, make them laugh.

Are you great at fixing things?

Show it off.

Give a woman a helping hand with fixing something, showing her your skills.

This leaves an indelible impression on her.

Are you great at cooking?

Show it off.

Cook one of your best dishes and bring it to work to share with your coworkers.

The female coworkers who love your dish are attracted to your cooking skills and before you know it, you are having a conversation with them about their favorite dishes which segues into other interesting topics.

As you have shown off your humor, technical and cooking skills to a woman, not once has she fixated her gaze on your bald head.

She is so consumed and impressed with the qualities you have shown her, she is intrigued about you and thirsty for more of you.

Effortlessly, after a few conversations with her over the phone or by text, you ask her out and she says yes.

You have a date.

It was that painless.

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