Is A Guy Being Bald Seriously That Bad?

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Is A Guy Being Bald Seriously That Bad?

Well, it depends on how the guy wears it.

Many guys can pull off the bald look and some others can’t.

In the end, the most important element to all this is the guy’s confidence.

If the guy has a lot of confidence in himself and dresses right, many girls can easily overlook the fact that he is bald.

Some girls even find the bald look sexy.

If you are a bald guy, you will have to accept your look and be fine with it.

If you are constantly worried about your bald head and how a girl may find it unattractive, it will reflect in how you behave.

You will be constantly acting like there is something that you are either trying to hide or unhappy about.

This shouldn’t be how you go about behaving around girls.

Most girls prefer a confident guy above all else.

Most girls also tend to be very multifaceted in their dating habits.

In other words, they don’t always date the exact same guy.

A girl could date all kinds of guys, some of whom may look completely different from the last guy she dated.

This is why it is so dangerous and pointless to try to fit yourself into a particular category that you believe women like in general.

There really is no definitive category.

The same woman can date men who look totally different throughout her dating life.

When you fall into the trap of trying to look in a certain way that you aren’t truly comfortable with because you are trying to present a particular look that women may like, you aren’t being true to yourself.

You are essentially putting yourself in a box.

If that look is uncomfortable to you, you will not be able to pull it off.

Girls will sense your lack of confidence in this area and will be turned off by it.

You should simply understand that there are varying looks that women enjoy.

As I mentioned earlier, the same woman could date guys that look totally different from what they have dated in the past.

Your most important task is to find what makes you feel good about yourself and let them see that you are in tune with who you are.

If you are humorous, make them laugh.

If you are giving, let them see that.

If you are good at fixing things, talk about that too.

When you allow yourself to focus on what you know that you are good at, you help draw away attention from something that tends to make you lack confidence.

In this case, it may be your bald head that is making you lack confidence.

Try focusing on features or characteristics that you know you love about yourself.

You may have really nice hands.

Yes, women love hands as well.

Place your attention on those lovely hands whenever you start doubting yourself because of your baldness.

This will enable you to come out of that negative mentality into a positive one.

Once you are positive about something, you can begin to exhibit that behavior and give the girls a reason to want to talk to you.

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