Boyfriend Doesn’t Contact Me For 4 Days Straight. What’s On His Mind?

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Boyfriend Doesn't Contact Me For 4 Days Straight. What's On His Mind?He may be reacting to an argument that you had recently. There may have been something that happened recently that he felt unhappy about.

Perhaps there was something said that was cruel or insensitive on your part.

Perhaps there is something that the both of you constantly disagree on that has never been resolved.

You need to figure if this is the case.

Can you think of why he would be upset?

Was there something that you did recently that he may not have taken too kindly too?

Perhaps he didn’t even show that he was upset.

Perhaps he kept it to himself.

However, you do remember this incident and the way he seemed to act a little odd in his response.

Many guys won’t express themselves right away when they are upset about something.

They keep it all in.

Oftentimes, they will decide to express themselves by cutting back on communication just to prove a point.

This may leave you scratching your head in wonder because you have no idea why they may be acting this way.

Oftentimes, it is their way of non-verbally expressing their disapproval about something that happened or has been happening in the relationship.

In his mind, he may be trying to get a point across and this is the only way he knows how.

If he has meekly voiced disapproval about something in the past, you may want to spend a little bit more time thinking about these moments.

He may have voiced meek disapproval in these moments simply because he didn’t know how to tell you that he didn’t like it in a manner that would get his point across.

However, the incident may have bothered him a lot more than he was willing to show.

If you have tried contacting him and he hasn’t gotten back with you, you shouldn’t keep contacting him.

The more you do this, the more you may be pushing him away.

He may be trying to deal with this problem in the only way that he knows how.

He may be staying non-communicative because he is trying to figure out how to tell you about what bothers him.

If you keep trying to contact him, you may turn him off and make him withdraw even further.

You shouldn’t want that.

You should hope that he eventually comes around and is willing to talk to you openly.

You can only give him this kind of capacity when you have allowed him to come to terms with what he needs to say to you.

If you were to simply leave him be at this time, he may eventually realize that he has had enough time to come to terms with whatever issues he feels may be plaguing the relationship.

At this point, he may be willing to contact you and have a conversation about it.

Give him this time.

Let him be for now.

Avoid calling or contacting him in any way.

If he believes in this relationship and wants to truly make it work, you will hear from him soon.

From here, you can both begin to work on the problem.

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