What If I Like Her Friend More?

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What If I Like Her Friend More?

You shouldn’t mislead her.

If you like her friend more, you may have to let her go and move on to someone else.

If you like her friend more, her friend will almost always be the one at the forefront of your mind.

Imagine that for a moment.

Every time you are around both her and her friend, you will be more enraptured by her friend as opposed to her.

If this is a girl that you are currently dating, this is even more profound.

You would always see the girl that you are dating as the one you didn’t really want.

This can create a very powerful and suffocating strain on the relationship.

It honestly wouldn’t be fair to her because she may truly believe that you like her above all others.

If you were to like her friend more, she wouldn’t be the most important girl in your world.

She would be a filler.

She would be the person that you are dating until something better comes along.

No one wants to be treated in this way.

Not her, not you, not anyone.

If she is someone you are currently dating, you may want to consider putting that to an end.

If your heart is truly not there as far as your level of interest in her, it will only lead to more frustration.

You wouldn’t be playing to truth.

You would be doing something that you genuinely don’t want to.

There is someone else that you clearly like more.

You will have this person in your thoughts constantly.

Whenever you see this friend, you would wonder what it would be like to date her.

You may even start fantasizing about these dates.

You would envision how you would feel on these dates.

You would even plan out where the both of you would go and what you would do.

You would see the both of you having the most romantic time in these fantasies.

Everything would be so perfect.

The more you think about these fantasies, the more you desire her friend.

The more you desire her friend, the less willing you will be to invest real effort in the current relationship you are in.

You will not give all of yourself.

Your desires will be focused on one individual who so happens to be the one outside of the relationship.

You would essentially not be fully invested in your relationship with this girl and would be out of it mentally.

This would only lead to heartache and a loss of precious time.

Why do this?

If you like her friend more, let her go and go for what you want.

Don’t waste her time and yours by taking this any further.

Your desire isn’t in her. Your desire is in her friend.

You have to understand that there is only so far you can take this charade before someone ends up very hurt or confused.

If your relationship with her is still in its infancy, it is a lot easier for you to end it now and go for what you want.

The longer you drag this out, the harder it will be to do what you have to do.

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