What If I Like Her Friend More?

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What If I Like Her Friend More?

Don’t mislead the girl you are dating.

When you like her friend more, you have to let her go.

Liking her friend more means her friend is the one at the forefront of your mind.

Imagine that for a moment.

Every time you are around her and her friend, you are enraptured by her friend as opposed to her.

This creates a powerful and suffocating strain on the relationship.

It isn’t fair to her, especially given that she is emotionally invested in you.

She isn’t the girl that matters greatest in your world.

Rather, she is a filler.

A person that you are dating until something better comes along.

No one wants to be treated like this.

Not her, not you, not anyone.

Show her respect by ending your supposed romance with her.

Your relationship with her as her love interest is a sham and you are leading her on.

Liking her friend more means your heart isn’t in it.

This leads to additional frustration.

The deceit is representative of someone who is being selfish.


Yes, you.

You are stringing her along while having a much greater desire for her friend.

She is a placeholder.

The person that is constantly in your thoughts is her friend.

Whenever you see this friend, you contemplate what it is like to date her.

You fantasize about these dates, envisioning how you feel on these dates.

You plan out where the two of you go and what you do.

In these fantasies, you see the two of you having the most romantic times.

Everything is so perfect.

The more you think about these fantasies, the more you desire her friend.

The more you desire her friend, the less keen you are to invest substantial effort in the current relationship you are in.

You don’t give of yourself, being that your desires are fixated on one individual who so happens to be the one outside of the relationship.

This leads to heartache and a loss of precious time.

Why do this?

Let this girl go, instead of selfishly keeping her around.

Go after what you really want, which is this friend of hers.

Don’t waste her time and yours by taking this any further.

Your desire isn’t in her, but in her friend.

A charade like this doesn’t last long before someone ends up deeply hurt.

Do you want to do this to this poor girl?

End it now, and go for what you want in her friend.

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