Dating Someone With A Mental Illness

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Dating Someone With A Mental IllnessThis has to be something that you really think about before you do anything that you may live to regret.

Depending on the kind of mental illness, you may or may not be able to make this work.

If it is a mental illness that can be easily controlled and even improved over time, you have the best chances of this working.

However, a lot depends on the individual as well.

How is this person dealing with their mental illness?

Is this person always making sure that they keep it in check?

Is this person truly committed to improving their mental state of being?

The person in question has to be proactive in their attempts to contain the mental illness.

They also have to be consistent.

You would have to be around this person for a good period of time in order to tell if they are consistent.

There are people with mental illnesses who will have constant lapses in their effort to handle it.

They may stop taking important drugs that they were prescribed to help treat their mental illness from time to time.

In these moments, this person can become a lot more difficult to handle.

They may stop therapy sessions that they are supposed to go to in order to contain their mental illness from time to time as well.

This could also cause a lot of strain on your relationship with them.

It is really important that you know who you are dealing with.

You have to be certain that this person with the mental illness is totally committed to improving their situation or at least keeping that illness contained.

The problem with ignoring this very important aspect is that you may become misled.

You may become misled by the fact that this person seems to be doing so well.

They seem to be mentally sound today.

They may seem like they have it all under control.

You may fall for this, thinking that this person has their mental illness contained.

Unfortunately, this move becomes premature when you notice a month or so later that this person is misbehaving.

This person is no longer control.

They are out of control.

They are out of control because they haven’t been consistent with their treatment.

Now, you are in a very difficult and stressful predicament.

Be smart about this.

Getting involved with someone who has mental illness can be very challenging.

You have to be certain of what you believe you can handle.

You also have to be certain that you are dealing with someone who is playing an active role in either bettering their mental state or containing it.

The last thing you should want is to be in a situation where you don’t know who you will be dealing with from one day to the next.

You will become very stressed.

Don’t fall into the trap of being with this person out of pity.

Some people do this and it is very ill-advised.

Pity isn’t going to help the situation. The reality of the challenges that this kind of relationship can come with can’t be helped by pity.

You would enter something that you were not in anyway prepared for if you use pity as your motivation.

This would end up being unfair to the person with the mental illness who may have thought that you truly wanted to be with them.

All this does is further exacerbate your situation.

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