Dating Someone With A Mental Illness

Dating Someone With A Mental Illness

When it is a mental illness that the person has a good grip on and has controlled over a sustained period of time, there is a greater likelihood it works out.

So much depends on the individual.

How is this person living with their mental illness?

Is this person consistently keeping it in check?

Is this person committed to improving their mental state of being?

The person in question has to be proactive in their attempts to contain the mental illness and has to be consistent in their efforts.

You have to be around this person for a sustained period of time to ascertain how they are living with their mental illness.

There are people with mental illnesses who have constant lapses in their effort to handle it.

From time to time, they stop taking the drugs prescribed to them by a health professional to treat their mental illness or cope with it.

Weekly therapy sessions with a professional are unattended.

Know who this person is and their history before choosing to date them.

You have to be certain that this person is totally committed to improving their mental health.

Don’t fall prey to believing that the person is fine, being that they have been at their best behavior and then some for several weeks without the aid of their prescribed drugs or therapy sessions.

This is misleading.

At first, everything is glorious.

The person has so much energy, you flirt with the erroneous idea they must free of their mental illness.

The lovemaking is substantially passionate and conversations are incredibly robust.

You are thrilled about the new activities the person has introduced in the relationship.

Going bungee jumping over the weekend was so exciting.

The temptation to get so caught up in these changes is so strong, but the inevitable is imminent.

One day, suddenly, their mood changes for the worst.

They crash.

You have never seen them this upset.

At a loss for what to do, you are desperately calling friends and family to give you advice to no avail.

A temporary period of good behavior doesn’t mean the person is cured.

Until a licensed, professional therapist gives them this clearance, they mustn’t stop taking the prescribed drugs and doing the therapy sessions.

Dating someone with a mental illness is a powder keg when you don’t take it seriously and keep your partner accountable.

Never get lost in the belief they are healed, without a professional diagnosis.

Do this and your prospects of making this work increases.

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