Have I Fallen For An Emotionally Unavailable Girl Or Just One That Needs To Go Slow?

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Have I Fallen For An Emotionally Unavailable Girl Or Just One That Needs To Go Slow?She honestly may not be that into you.

If you find that she tends to lack any real excitement when you are dealing with her, she may simply not be that particularly interested in you.

It is one thing when someone wants to take things slow but it is another when there is a lack of enthusiasm whenever the both of you interact.

Being emotionally unavailable is another question mark that must be studied.

It can be very easy to totally misunderstand this.

Why would she be emotionally unavailable at this time?

There may be several reasons for this but it all points to one place.

When a person is emotionally unavailable, they have no room for you in their heart.

At least, not at this time.

If not at this time, then when?

You can’t keep putting yourself on the sideline hoping that this person eventually opens up to you emotionally.

You have no idea if such a thing could happen and if it does, when it would.

It would put you in a position where a lot of your energy is being expended with no real opportunity that the effort will be rewarded.

Someone who is open to having a relationship is emotionally available.

This is how it goes and how it should be.

You are not in this person’s head. You have no idea why they would be so emotionally unavailable and what the cause is.

Hence, putting yourself in a position where you are trying to get this person out of it is absolutely futile.

Again, without a cause, how on earth can you fix it?

This is a person that may have several emotional issues that they have to come to terms with.

Whatever is going on with them emotionally is something that they have to handle and resolve.

There is not that much that you can do.

If they are not willing to deal with their emotional unavailability, no amount of effort on your part is going to change that.

Just think about it for a second.

This person may be emotionally unavailable because they have no real interest in you.

They may be emotionally unavailable because they are still in love with an ex.

They may be emotionally unavailable because they are simply not in the frame of mind of wanting to be in a relationship right now.

Why would you want to make yourself emotionally vulnerable to such a person?

It would be one thing if they simply wanted to take things slow but are continuing to maintain constant communication and are genuinely excited whenever they are interacting with you.

It is something completely different when they are emotionally unavailable and it feels like every time you are interacting with them, they are somewhere else mentally.

You should guard your heart and your mind.

Oftentimes, people misinterpret emotional unavailability for someone who is interested but just playing hard to get or being cautious.

It is highly unlikely that this is the case with this person.

Even someone who is playing hard to get or being cautious has enthusiasm.

If you feel like you have fallen for this person, you need to slow things down and avoid getting in too deep.

Let them be the one to take some ownership of this interaction and contact you first for once.

Let them be the one to suggest a date for once.

You really need to back up and protect yourself.

If they are not willing to put in the kind of effort to make this interaction work, it is highly unlikely that they are genuinely interested in you.

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