Have I Fallen For An Emotionally Unavailable Girl Or Just One That Needs To Go Slow?

Have I Fallen For An Emotionally Unavailable Girl Or Just One That Needs To Go Slow?

An emotionally unavailable girl has rapid mood swings, moving from showing strong interest in one moment to showing next to none.

In the case that you have fallen for an emotionally unavailable girl, you most likely fell for her in these tender moments where she was showing strong romantic interest.

This is unfortunate.

When a person is emotionally unavailable, they have no room for you in their heart.

At least, not at this time nor any time in the foreseeable future.

So much of your energy is being expended with no guarantee it gets rewarded.

An emotionally unavailable girl has rapid mood swings, has a hard time following through on dates and has a mean streak.

Any of this sound familiar?

An emotionally unavailable girl doesn’t think about you incessantly, unlike how girls behave when they really like a guy.

There are moments where she seems invested, but that is only to use you to get past a period where she is feeling low emotionally.

Don’t read too much into these moments of attention from her.

They are temporary.

Sticking around in the hopes she comes around works against you, as you have no control over her emotions.

Her emotional unavailability isn’t something that is remedied by saying a few nice words to her.

It goes deeper than that.

Whether it was created from the heartbreak of a previous relationship or something she experienced from childhood, you aren’t equipped to get her through it.

She is the one who must fix it.

As long as she doesn’t, she isn’t worth pursuing.

Doing so sends you down such a rabbit hole, it leaves you emotionally damaged yourself.

A girl who wants to take things slow doesn’t behave like an emotionally unavailable girl.

For one, she is clear about how she feels.

She isn’t confused about her state of mind like an emotionally unavailable girl is, but is clearheaded about why she needs to take things slow and lets you know.

Her moods are a lot more stable than that of the emotionally unavailable girl.

It isn’t unusual to talk to an emotionally unavailable girl in the morning and she is in high spirits, then talk to the same girl in the afternoon and she is depressed, lacking energy or a desire to have a full-fledged conversation.

A girl who is taking it slow doesn’t have these rapid mood swings.

She is the same girl in the afternoon as she was in the morning.

Does this sound like the girl you are talking to?

A girl who is taking it slow has a higher likelihood of warming up to you in time than an emotionally unavailable girl who has no control over her thoughts and emotions, but you need to temper your emotions.

When a girl who is taking it slow senses that you have fallen for her too prematurely, it makes her uneasy and you risk losing her.

She isn’t ready to become responsible for your emotional happiness.

However, if you temper your emotions and go at her pace, while maintaining consistent communication and flirtation, you increase the odds of getting her to a place where she falls for you too.


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