Do Women Notice Or Care About Shoulder Width On Men?

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Do Women Notice Or Care About Shoulder Width On Men?

Women do notice shoulder width on men.

Some of them care about it and others don’t.

For those that care, broad shoulder width is a significant factor in what attracts them to men.

It makes them feel protected when they are with the guy.

On the flip side, there are women who don’t care about shoulder width on men.

They prefer his smile, eyes, jawline, height, etc., or favor the thinner guy who isn’t imposing in stature.

These are women who have their own unique preferences when it comes to men.

Yes, a man with a wide shoulder width is regarded as virile, but in general, women are more multidimensional in their tastes.

Not being broad-shouldered isn’t a death sentence in attracting women.

Confidence in who you are is a turn on to women, regardless of the width of your shoulders.

Women are attracted to so many different elements of a man.

While you are so obsessed with shoulder width, she is admiring your hair, brows, fingers, etc.

There are so many areas to be attracted to.

Just as many women love great teeth or a tight derriere, as love a broad shoulder width on men.

Don’t stick women in a box by drawing the conclusion that women date broad-shouldered men and nothing else.

Besides other physical attributes they love equally, intangibles that have to do with your personality and lifestyle has a lot to do with what women are attracted to in a man.

The truth is, you don’t legitimately know why she is dating the guy with the broad shoulders.

It isn’t nonsensical to consider that she is attracted to something else he possesses besides his broad shoulders.

To get women to notice you, work on showing the authentic you.

Carry yourself with confidence.

Your confidence or zest for life doesn’t come from your shoulder width, it comes from within you, emanating from a gratefulness and acceptance you have for who you are.

How good you make her feel is what matters most.

For the majority of women, a healthy combination of personality and physicality determines this.

Shoulder width on a man is a mere part of a much greater whole.

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