Do Women Notice Or Care About Shoulder Width On Men?

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Do Women Notice Or Care About Shoulder Width On Men?

Women do notice shoulder width on men.

Some of them care about it and others don’t.

There are women who love to date men with broad shoulders.

That may be a big part of what attracted them to the guy.

It makes them feel protected when they are with the guy.

On the flip side, there are women who could care less about shoulder width on men.

They are more into his smile, eyes, jawline, height, etc.

They may even prefer the thinner guy who isn’t imposing in stature.

These are women who have their own preferences when it comes to men.

Yes, a man with a wider shoulder width may seem more virile, but in general, women are more multidimensional in their tastes.

If you aren’t broad shouldered, you will still have no problem getting women as long as you don’t allow this to impede your confidence.

You should always be certain of who you are and what makes you so remarkably unique.

Women can be attracted to so many different elements of a man.

They may like something physical on him that he may not even have suspected.

While you are so focused on shoulder width, she may be admiring your hair, brows, even your fingers.

There are so many areas to be attracted to.

You will probably find just as many women who love great teeth as you would those who love a broad shoulder width on men.

You would probably find as many women who love a tight derriere as you would those who love a broad shoulder width on men.

In other words, you shouldn’t put all women in a box.

You shouldn’t draw the conclusion that just because the women you have come across tend to date guys with a broad shoulder width, this is all they may like in such guys.

They may like other elements about his physicality and his persona.

They may like the look of his hands or the way he makes them excited whenever he is around.

There are a multitude of things that they may like about this guy besides his broad shoulder width.

You may even be making too big of an assumption that she is dating him for his broad shoulder width at all.

That may not have even been a factor on why she started dating this guy in the first place.

Again, as I mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t focus so hard on what you think these women like.

You should focus on showing the true you and giving her a sense of why you would be such a catch.

You have to carry yourself in a way that would make her want to be with you.

It should have nothing to do with your shoulder width.

That shouldn’t be where your confidence or zest for life comes from.

Your confidence and zest for life should come from a strong sense of self.

It should come from a sense of gratefulness and acceptance of who you are.

You would be surprised at what may make her attracted to you.

It may have nothing to do with your shoulder width and everything to do with how good you make her feel.

How you make her feel can have a very profound effect on her because it reaches into what tends to make her feel good.

When you are able to get her to tap into that part of her psyche, you would be establishing a much stronger connection with her than you would have if the attraction was solely based on shoulder width.

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