Should I Ask Her Over Or Is It Too Soon To Make This Request?

Have there been a good number of good dates between you, and has there been camaraderie?

Should I Ask Her Over Or Is It Too Soon To Make This Request?Great conversation during and in-between dates?

There is no hurry to have her over.

Your place isn’t going anywhere.

Concentrate on going out on regular dates until it feels natural to ask her over.

When is it natural?

When she suggests it.

Normally, a girl drops hints that she is ready to come to your place as she dates you and is increasingly safe around you.

Key word is “safe.”

She has to feel safe around you to consider coming over to your place.

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Since you aren’t in her head, let her decide when she is ready.

Many guys make the mistake of being too quick to ask the girl over.

Got it, you want to get laid.

Nothing wrong with that.

She wants to get laid too.

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But, she is the gatekeeper of sex.

Regardless of whether you succeed in getting her to come over to your place or not, she isn’t going to sleep with you until she is ready.

Don’t worry.

It won’t take forever.

Keep taking her out on good dates and building rapport with her.

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She wants to come over to your place when she feels ready and you know she is ready when she drops hints.

She hints in conversation that she would love to taste your cooking.

She hints in conversation by asking you about what your place looks like and whether you live with anyone.

She keeps asking about what part of town you live at and what your neighborhood is like.

You meet her for a date and by the end of it she asks you about what plans you have for the rest of the night.

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Before a date, she asks you to pick her up from her home.

Picking her up from her home is her indication to you that she feels safe enough with you that she has no issue with disclosing where she lives.

Now that you know she feels safe with you, asking her over to your place for the next date is apropos.

Watch for these hints when you talk to her or go out on dates with her.

This is how she insinuates she is ready to come over to your place.

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Be patient.

Instead of taking an undue risk in prematurely asking her over too soon, give her the latitude to bring to light that she is ready to come over to your place.

As long as there has been a consistency in dates and conversations in-between dates, it doesn’t take long to get here.

There is no hurry.

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