Should I Ask Her Over Or Is It Too Soon?

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Should I Ask Her Over Or Is It Too Soon?

It all depends on how the both of you have been getting along.

Has there been a whole lot of chemistry in this interaction to the point where you really feel at ease with her?

Have the both of you already kissed and held hands?

Have the both of you found an ease in conversation that makes it seem like you have no problem opening up to each other about anything?

If there has been genuine chemistry and interest, asking her over may not be too soon.

However, you should understand what your motives are for doing so.

If there is an ulterior motive to get her to sleep with you for example, you should not ask her over.

If this is your ulterior motive, this is what you would be focused on.

She would be able to tell that this is your primary intent.

That wouldn’t bode well for you.

Truly ask yourself why you want to ask her over. What is the objective?

Is there something that you want to do for her at your home or give her that the both of you simply can’t experience somewhere else?

Is there something so unique about the experience you can give her at your home that she can’t get anywhere else?

Maybe you have a collection of something that you really want to show her.

Perhaps in your past conversations you both discovered a love for old antiquated books.

There is real passion for this on both your parts.

It just so happens that you have a library of such books at your home.

Now, you realize that you would love to show her your collection.

Right here you have found a genuine reason to ask her over.

You know that there is a real love for these kinds of books that you both share.

You are now intent on showing her what you have in order to build more of a connection and satisfy her curiosity.

Perhaps she may even want to borrow some when she comes over.

As long as there is a genuine reason that makes sense, asking her over may not be too soon.

Again, you truly have to ask yourself about your motives.

Be honest with yourself.

If all you want to do is sleep with her, she will be able to tell.

If she were to take you up on your offer to come over but she doesn’t ultimately sleep with you, what then?

She may feel like the only reason why you asked her over was to sleep with her because that was the vibe she was getting all night.

Now, she may lose interest.

Perhaps she wanted more from this.

Perhaps she thought that you really cared and was truly intent on allowing this relationship to grow in a natural way.

Now, you have lost out on something that may have been beautiful.

There is no reason to rush it. If you are physically attracted to her and the both of you have had some great dates, there is a good chance that she is physically attracted to you as well.

If there isn’t a true genuine reason besides sleeping with her for you to ask her over, don’t.

If there isn’t a unique experience that she can have at your place besides sleeping with her that you can give her, don’t ask her over.

Your intentions should be to allow this relationship to develop at its natural pace.

That natural pace may lead to a visit to your place in the future.

It just may not be right now if your honest intention is just to sleep with her.

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