My Dad Walked In On My Boyfriend And I Having Sex

My Dad Walked In On My Boyfriend And I Having Sex

Your dad is an adult with the mental maturity to handle walking in on you and your boyfriend having sex.

The cat is out of the bag now so to speak.

Having sex with a boyfriend isn’t earth-shattering.

It’s a perfectly normal everyday occurrence across the world.

Sex is a part of relationships.

This is nothing new or revolutionary.

That is how your dad made you.

Your dad has the mental maturity and life experience to understand that.

A preexisting strained relationship with your dad makes this a little trickier.

Now, your dad has a reason to point to this as a reason why you are such a handful of a child.

This is unfair.

It has no relevance to the preexisting issues that existed between you and your dad before he walked in on you having sex with your boyfriend.

There are more pressing issues that the two of you need to work on.

On the occasion that your dad attempts to use this incident as his critique of you in general, pointing to it as an example of why you are the problem, don’t let him get away with it.

There are underlying issues that warrant examination and resolution.

These issues have nothing to do with you having sex with your boyfriend, which is something perfectly normal.

On the flip side, when you have a close relationship with your dad, with no significant preexisting issues, this event has no bearing on your relationship.

There was already mutual respect beforehand.

Don’t be alarmed at his behavior in the immediate aftermath.

It’s strictly shock.

This doesn’t last beyond a few hours or a few days.

He gets over it.

His shock was founded on the realization that his innocent little girl has grown up.

He remembers reading you bedtime stories and having you hang on his every word.

You are not that girl anymore.

He has to come to terms with that in his own unique style.

No need for you to address it.

Normally, there is a quiet realization that you are now having sex.

It’s clear enough and pursuing further investigation by compelling you to talk to him about it only makes him that much more uncomfortable.

Act like you always have around him.

Tell him you love him like you did everyday before he walked in on you having sex with your boyfriend.

Give him the loving hugs you have given him everyday as you are about to go to bed.

This lets him know that nothing has changed.

He is still your dad and you are still his loving daughter.

Everything goes back to normal fairly quickly with this approach.

For future reference, do everything in your power to avoid having sex at home.

Yes, your dad now knows you are having sex, but he doesn’t need to be reminded of it by walking in on you and your boyfriend having sex every other week.

This precaution gives him more time to let the image of walking in on you having sex with your boyfriend slide into the back of his mind.

Soon, you both move on, like nothing happened.

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