My Dad Walked In On My Boyfriend And I Having Sex

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My Dad Walked In On My Boyfriend And I Having Sex

Well, he will just have to deal with that.

There is not much you can do now.

The cat is out of the bag so to speak.

However, this shouldn’t be something that you allow to keep you down or cause some friction in your relationship with your dad.

Sex is a part of relationships.

This is nothing new or revolutionary.

That is how your dad made you.

Your dad should have the maturity to understand that.

Now, if you and your dad already have a strained relationship, this event isn’t necessarily going to hurt or help the situation.

There are more pressing issues that the both of you need to work on.

If you have a close relationship with your dad, this event shouldn’t affect it either, as long as there is mutual respect.

If your dad starts acting strange towards you all of a sudden, it could simply be because he is still in shock.

However, if the both of you have a good relationship, he shouldn’t be in this state for very long.

If you notice that his strange behavior has persisted for several days, it may be a good idea to have a talk with him.

He may still be very protective of you and may now feel like that innocent little girl he used to read bedtime stories to is gone.

Having a mature conversation with him may help him come to terms with the fact that you are no longer that little girl.

You have grown and matured. He has to come to a place where he understands that.

He can accept this in time.

A conversation may not do it all but it would help.

You are a woman after all.

He should begin to see you and respect you as such.

Now, you should also start avoiding having sex at a place where you know your dad could walk in on you.

Do this for now.

Your dad may not be ready to walk in on you and your boyfriend yet again having sex.

Hence, it may be best to have sex somewhere else for a while until your dad comes to terms with what he walked into.

You should also be aware of the fact that your dad may not only be concerned about the sex part of this but may also be worried that he may lose his special connection to you as his daughter.

For a while, he was the only man in your life that you looked up to.

Now, there is a boyfriend that has taken that attention away.

He may be dealing with the difficult reality that he may no longer be the man you most admire in the world. He may not be quite so ready to let this go.

It can be hard for some dads to let go of the kind of affection that they have been so used to getting from their daughters.

He will get over this with time because he simply has to.

However, at the moment, simply try to give him some time to come to terms with all this.

Avoid having sex where he could walk in on you.

In time, he will realize that his little girl is all grown up and will accept it.

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