Should I Tell My Boyfriend About My Prior Sex Life?

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Should I Tell My Boyfriend About My Prior Sex Life?

Telling your boyfriend about your prior sex life really shouldn’t have any baring in your current relationship.

In other words, telling your boyfriend about your prior sex life may honestly be unnecessary.

There really doesn’t seem to be a need for this unless the both of you simply enjoy talking about such things.

The problem with talking about your prior sex life is start it can really cause criticism and misunderstanding.

This is especially true if your relationship with your boyfriend is relatively new.

You would say things that may make him start questioning himself or the relationship that he is currently in with you.

He may feel like he isn’t matching up to your prior sexual partners or that you aren’t being as adventurous with him as you were with them.

He may really interpret what you are saying in a totally different way than what you intended.

You may believe that it is harmless and he may act like it is at the moment that you tell him.

However, when he is on his own and has had some time to think about what you told him, he may really begin to doubt you or himself.

He may start comparing the current sex life that he has with you with your prior sex life.

This may make him feel inadequate if he feels like things aren’t quite right or balanced out.

Again, talking to your boyfriend about your prior sex life is very tricky and can start causing problems in your relationship that need not be there.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to him openly about sex.

Sure you can.

You can be open about what you like or things the both of you can try.

This is totally different from specifically referencing past sexual experiences with past partners.

Again, doing this could really lead to doubt and hesitation in the relationship.

This is more likely if your relationship with your boyfriend is relatively new.

Hence, you do need to strongly consider why you would talk to your boyfriend about your prior sex life and your motives behind it.

If you believe that by telling him about your prior sex life you would both develop a bond, that isn’t necessarily true.

Guys tend to compare themselves to other guys when it comes to sexual prowess. They really do.

They want to feel like they are the best that you have ever had.

It boosts their ego and their sense of masculinity.

Even if you were to talk about this and let him know how much better he is compared to past partners, he may still be doubtful.

He may still believe that there is something that he is lacking.

He tends to think this way because he realizes that you have had other partners and other sexual experiences.

In a strange way, many guys still have this fantasy of being with a woman who has had little to no experience with prior sexual partners.

They know that it is not realistic but it is still something that they fantasize about.

If you were to start telling them about your prior sex life, it may ruin the fantasy for them and this may affect how they view your relationship from here on out in a negative way.

Hence, you should stick to the here and now.

If the both of you are trying to do things differently in the bedroom, you certainly can, without having to bring up past sexual partners.

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