Should I Tell My Boyfriend About My Prior Sex Life With An Ex?

Telling your boyfriend about your prior sex life doesn’t have any bearing on your present relationship.

Should I Tell My Boyfriend About My Prior Sex Life With An Ex?There is no need for it, unless you are in a casual relationship and enjoy talking about such things to spice things up in the bedroom.

Bringing up your prior sex life without any prompting from your boyfriend foments misunderstanding.

A brand new relationship doesn’t need this.

Too soon.

Unbeknownst to you, seeds of discontent and judgment are planted in his mind.

Comparisons seep into his mind.

Does he match up to your prior sex partners?

Is he as adventurous in bed?

Is he as well-endowed?

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These doubts don’t come out right in the moment.

They sit in his subconscious for a period of time, simmering.

His lack of voicing his innate thoughts, encourages you to continue talking about your prior sex life, adding yet another load of doubtful thoughts in his mind.

The comparisons between his sex life with you and your priors grow more intense.

No need to provide information that isn’t requested, regardless of whether you are praising him about his prowess.

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Once you introduce a prior sex life and keep at it, especially in a fairly new relationship, he eventually gets lost with comparisons.

Why plant the seeds of doubt without any prompting?

There is no need.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have open conversations about sex.

Sex is a powerful part of relationships and forthright conversations about it is beneficial in not only making it better, but keeping you safe, mentally and physically.

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On the flip side, a boyfriend who keeps inquiring about your prior sex life is a boyfriend who is insecure.

These are some of the more common reasons:

– He worries about how many men you have slept with.
– He needs to know that he is the best you have ever had in bed.
– He is getting an idea of how adventurous you are in the bedroom.
– He is curious about whether he is acquainted with any of your past partners.

In the end, don’t get carried away with divulging so much information about your prior sex life.

Your primary focus needs to be on your relationship with your boyfriend, not on rehashing prior sexual experiences with previous partners.

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A boyfriend who keeps asking for information about your prior sex life needs to be curtailed.

Tell him that you want to focus on your relationship with him.

A boyfriend who respects you stops with the incessant inquiries.

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