Should I Get In Touch?

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Should I Get In Touch?

Yes, get in touch.

Remember, all you would be doing for the moment is getting in touch.

It doesn’t mean that anything serious as far as a relationship is concerned will happen.

There are no guarantees of this.

It is simply getting in touch.

It’s important to get in touch because you have been thinking about this for a while.

It has been something that has possibly given you late nights.

It is best to assuage this feeling by taking action.

Whether this is someone that you have known from your past or someone you barely know, getting touch may open up communication that could lead to something more.

There is that possibility but there is also the possibility that nothing may come out of this.

This is why you shouldn’t spend too much time creating and developing expectations.

If you place too many expectations on this, you may end up disappointed or set yourself up for failure.

Your best option would be to approach this with an open mind understanding that things may not necessarily go the way you want them to and being willing to accept that.

You should also have an idea of what you would want to talk about when you get in touch.

You should be intent on having an actual open-ended conversation as opposed to something short.

When you simply start by saying hi or something like that, it will be a lot more difficult to start a real conversation that lasts and goes somewhere.

You would want a real conversation.

You would want to interact with this person on a level that goes beyond initial pleasantries.

What would you like to learn about this person?

What would you like this person to learn about you?

These are all questions you should ask yourself because they can help guide you as far as the topics that you can use to open up conversation.

You should also be cognizant of what you truly want out of getting in touch.

Are you looking for a relationship at this time?

Are you looking for intimacy?

You also have to come to terms with where you are at currently in your life. You can’t start this process without any inclination as to what you want out of life at the moment.

It is not so much about setting expectations but having an idea of where you would want all this to lead.

If you were to simply act on a whim or a sudden emotion, you may end up regretting it when you discover that you never really knew what you wanted in the first place.

You don’t want to waste your time or the other person’s.

Thereby, you really do have to come to terms with your intentions and how far you are willing to go to make those intentions happen.

Getting in touch should be done in a way that gets them excited.

You should open up a conversation that is both stimulating and rewarding.

If they respond and follow along, you may find a connection.

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