Should I Get In Touch With A Guy I Am Interested In?

Yes, get in touch with this guy, and stop wasting all your time aggravating over it.

Should I Get In Touch With A Guy I Am Interested In?Remember, you are getting in touch with him and nothing more at this point in time.

You aren’t proposing a serious relationship or marriage.

You have been thinking about this for a while, so get in touch.

This has given you late nights.

Get this monkey off your back by taking action in getting in touch.

Whether this is someone that you have known from your past or someone you barely know, getting touch is your chance to open up communication.

There are no guarantees this leads to anything of substance.

This works best when you have an approach bereft of lofty romantic expectations.

When you place too many expectations on getting in touch, you act with too much eagerness and this alone ruins any likelihood of finding romance with this person.

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Your best option is to approach this with an open mind, understanding that the outcome you desire isn’t guaranteed and you are ready to accept that.

Come up with some topics you want to talk about.

The better your intro message, the greater the odds the person responds.

Fixate on open-ended openers for conversation.

Saying “hi” is too lazy.

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It doesn’t inspire a response or a conversation.

Think beyond generic messages.

What do you remember about this person in terms of what they are into or love doing?

How do you relate these activities?

These are your prompts.

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Come up with an opener in relation to these.

“Hey, still haven’t gotten passed level 5 on X video game. What’s the secret to getting past that dude with the ugly scar on his face?”

Here, you are taking something you already know about him, his love of video games or a particular video game, and using that as your intro message.

It’s familiar, which makes him feel comfortable.

It’s around a topic he loves, which is inspiring.

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You are asking for his help, which boosts his ego, further enticing him to respond.

Using a message that relates to a passion he has and relating that passion to you in some fashion is a tactic that works.

Understand why you want to get in touch with this person.

Sometimes, we are lonely.

Without any close romantic prospects, we reach out to someone from our past in our attempt to feel better about our loneliness.

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Getting in touch based on this motivation is never a good idea.

Loneliness is tough but you make it worse when you get in touch with someone for the sole purpose of getting rid of it.

It’s unfair on the person and selfish on your part.

Loneliness is cured by getting busy with new tasks and challenges, being more social and avoiding places that remind you of your past partner.

No need to get in touch with someone from your past to use them as your guinea pig to cure your loneliness.

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Show this person some respect.

Get in touch with the right intentions.

Anything selfish on your part never bodes well for either party.

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