Do All Men Want An Independent Woman?

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Do All Men Want An Independent Woman?

Some men do and some men don’t.

However, there is typically a middle ground that most men are looking for.

We will get to the middle ground in a second.

An independent woman can be very attractive to a guy who was raised around that kind of woman or who has them as friends or colleagues.

This is the kind of environment he is used to.

Naturally, a guy like this would be attracted to independent women because that is what he knows and is used to.

A man who would want an independent woman may also be seeking someone who can be an equal partner in the relationship in both a financial and emotional sense.

This kind of man may have had some bad experiences in the past with women who weren’t independent.

Perhaps he feels like he was used simply for what he had to offer financially or even emotionally.

He may have felt drained by this relationship and realizes that he only wants to date independent women from here on out.

A man who doesn’t want an independent woman is typically the kind of guy who may have grown up in an environment where he didn’t see too much of that.

This influences how he tends to behave in relationships.

He believes that a dependent woman should be the norm and that he should be the one to make all the decisions. Hence, dealing with an independent woman would make him uneasy.

He would not be in a situation that he is comfortable in and hence he may act in an abrasive manner toward her or want to push the relationship toward the angle he wants and is used to.

A man who doesn’t want an independent woman may have some insecurity issues as well.

He may believe that his role as a man would be threatened if he were to be with a woman who was independent.

He may put a lot of meaning into his role.

This may be how he defines himself and what enables him to function on a daily basis.

This may be how he identifies himself within society.

He may not want that threatened.

Now, let’s address the middle ground position that I spoke about earlier.

This is typically where most men fall.

Most men want a woman who is independent but not to the point where he begins to feel emasculated.

Most men also want to be able to do nice things for a woman without fearing that he would be trampling on her independence.

For example, he may want to be chivalrous towards her and open a door or pull out a seat without the fear that she would believe that he was doing that because he feels that she is not independent.

He may want her to compliment him from time to time on a job well done without the fear that she won’t because that deed was something he was supposed to do anyway as her partner.

In other words, most men would prefer that they are appreciated for what they do and are acknowledged.

They also want to be chivalrous without having to fear repercussions.

Most of these men believe that an independent woman can give them these things and still be independent. This is where most men fall.

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