How Do Guys Feel About Girls Who Play “Hard To Get?”

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How Do Guys Feel About Girls Who Play "Hard To Get?"Some guys like it when girls play hard to get, some are in the middle and others hate it.

It really depends on the kind of guy you are dealing with and to some extent, his history.

If he has had the kind of history where he deals with girls like this, he will be more likely to accept the challenge. That may be where the real thrill exists.

To a guy like this, he may love the chasing game just as much as getting the girl, if not more.

This guy would typically be one who has had a long history in dating.

In other words, he is quite experienced with girls.

He would be very confident and assertive.

These guys simply know that they have got it and believe that a girl who plays hard to get only makes the ultimate prize of getting the girl that much sweeter.

On the flip side, there are some guys who hate it when a girl plays hard to get.

These are the guys that may not have that much experience dating.

They may have also had some poor experiences with girls in the past that affected their self-esteem to an extent.

They may not be that particularly good at reading seductive cues from girls.

Hence, they would prefer that the girl be more direct and obvious in her interest.

These guys are not the type to want to draw out the seduction or courting process out.

They are the kind that typically get into relationships relatively quickly with a girl because they want to do as little hunting as possible.

Then there are guys who are in the middle.

They do like it when a girl plays hard to get but they also don’t want the girl to take it too far.

Unfortunately, there are some girls that take the “hard to get” game too far.

They may believe that they are going about it the right way but don’t realize that the guy that has been playing along is now beginning to get impatient or even confused.

These guys do like the thrill of the chase. However, they also want to get frequent reminders from this girl that their ultimate goal of getting her is attainable.

They don’t want to get to the point where they feel like they are a cat chasing their tail.

Guys who are in the middle like this prefer it when the girl gives them really solid hints of interest whilst continuing to play the “hard to get” game and maintaining a level of mystery.

It is almost like they want her to keep giving them larger bread crumbs as they go along.

They want the girl to play the “hard to get” game but to gradually begin to let down her guard as time goes on.

This lets them know that what they are doing is having an effect.

Again, they don’t want to feel like a cat chasing its tail.

They want to feel like they are making continuous progress with this girl as she continues to play hard to get.

Where a girl can take it too far in the “hard to get” game with guys like this is when she doesn’t give them enough to make them feel like they are making progress.

If she doesn’t gradually let that guard down as the game progresses, these guys may become discouraged.

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