Do Guys Prefer A Smarter Or Dumber Girl To Date?

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Do Guys Prefer A Smarter Or Dumber Girl To Date?

Most guys prefer a smarter girl for long-term dating.

A guy may not care too much about how smart or dumb the girl is if he is only looking for a short-term date.

Hence, a lot depends on what the guy is actually looking for at that moment in time.

When the guy is only looking for a casual relationship, he may overlook the fact that she is dumber simply because this isn’t something that he is necessarily concerned about.

Now, it is important to understand that some guys may not like it if they sense that you are smarter than them.

These types of guys have quite a bit of insecurity.

Hence, a guy like this may try to find girls who may not necessarily be dumb but who aren’t smarter than they are.

It can be difficult for some guys to accept the fact that their girl knows more than they do.

It can make them feel like they are in a position of weakness.

These types of guys may prefer the power in being smarter.

They may feel that by being the smarter one in the relationship, they can have control of the relationship.

Hence, these guys are more of the controlling kind.

In general, many guys typically like being with a girl that is on their level of intelligence.

They like it when they can actually interact with this girl and feel like they are in their element.

It is part of what enables them to feel secure and balanced within the relationship.

This is why you will often see couples dating who are relatively at the same level of intelligence.

People who are highly intelligent tend to date other people who are highly intelligent. People who are of lower intelligence tend to date other people who are of lower intelligence.

You will notice this with professionals as well.

Doctors tend to date other doctors or people who are in the medical field.

People who have college degrees tend to date others who have college degrees.

People who never went to college tend to date others who didn’t.

In general, nature has a way of keeping things balanced.

Hence, guys simply follow what feels natural to them.

They would more than likely want a girl that they can maintain a decent conversation with if they are looking for someone long-term to date.

They would want a smarter girl like this because they know that they will be around her a lot.

They don’t want to be around someone they can barely converse with or learn from.

It would feel like a waste of time and effort.

This would be someone that they would be introducing to their family and friends.

They would want this girl to be able to carry on a decent conversation with people that they love.

Hence, a smarter girl as opposed to dumber would make more sense.

If it is a situation where they are simply looking for something right now and don’t really want a future with this girl, they would care less about her level of intelligence for the most part.

She would make up for that in spades if she was simply attractive.

This would make it that much easier for him to defend himself to his friends if any of them were to point out that his girlfriend is dumb.

He could simply come back with telling them that at least she is hot.

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