How Do I Stop Caring That The Guy I’m Talking With Has A Tinder Account?

When you aren’t exclusively dating each other, there is no reason for him to not have a Tinder account.

How Do I Stop Caring That The Guy I'm Talking With Has A Tinder Account?He isn’t yours at this time.

To stop caring that this guy has a Tinder account, don’t be delusional about what the status of your relationship with him is.

Although you are talking to him, it doesn’t mean that he sees you as someone he is exclusive to.

It doesn’t even mean that he sees you as someone with the potential to be exclusive to.

Come to terms with this first.

If there have been no parameters set forth by either of you, as far as whether either party is permitted to be on dating apps or not, no one here is in the wrong.

It’s absolutely critical that you are aware of this.

Lots of girls who meet a guy, and get along with him, fall into the trap of believing that the guy should forget about talking to other girls, and focus on her solely.

Additionally, they believe that he shouldn’t be on any dating apps now that he is talking to her.

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As far as she is concerned, he shouldn’t be actively going on dates with anyone else.

By having this notion, she becomes possessive or needy, and this is what consequently pushes the guy away.

This is why you have to be fully cognizant of your behavior right now.

There hasn’t been any mutual agreement that has been decided upon by either party.

Nothing has been agreed upon in terms of whether the relationship is exclusive, or whether he should or shouldn’t be on dating apps.

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Right now, you are in the talking stage, and nothing more.

Building a rapport with this guy, and seeing where the relationship naturally leads, is the appropriate approach.

To stop caring that the guy you are talking with has a Tinder account, never put all of your eggs in one basket.

Keep your dating options open by talking to a variety of guys.

Too many girls refuse to keep talking to dating prospects, once they are talking to a guy that they are emotionally connecting with.

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They do this so early in the dating or getting-to-know-you phase that they sometimes jeopardize their chance at finding a partner.

The guy in question hasn’t been doing the same, but instead, has been talking to a plethora of girls.

Unfortunately, in a lot of these cases, he develops a better connection with a different girl, bails on you as a result.

Now you are stuck, emotionally hurt and upset, being that you put him on a pedestal and closed off all of your potential dating options.

It’s wise to keep your dating options open, so that you have an open channel of conversation with various men.

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With this approach, there is enough distraction for you to stop caring that this guy you are talking with has a Tinder account, as you now spreading the risk.

Knowing that you have dating options is a soothing thought, as it keeps you from getting carried away with thoughts about this guy that has a Tinder account.

Those thoughts, if left unchecked, cause you to become so emotionally overwrought that you are incapable of being productive in your life.

Finally, you have amazing peace of mind and lift a heavy load off your shoulders.

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