Guy Gave Me His Number?

Guy Gave Me His Number?

He wants you to use it.

When a guy gives you his number, he is putting the onus on you to contact him.

This is how he avoids getting too far ahead of himself in assuming that there is romantic interest on your part.

He wants to gauge just how interested you are in him.

By giving you his number, he is testing your level of interest.

By contacting him, you are confirming to him that you are truly interested as opposed to playing around.

A number of guys do this due to past experience.

They have asked girls for their numbers in the past, but were at the receiving end of a girl who either didn’t answer when they called or didn’t respond to a text.

There are a number of girls who do this.

They give their phone number to a guy but when he calls or texts, they don’t answer or text back.

He is a guy who has experienced this multiple times in the past.

To counter it, he gives his number out instead.

His intentions are genuine.

He is interested in the girl.

It’s not that he expects her to chase him.

But by giving the girl his number, he is gauging the validity of her interest in him.

In calling or texting him first, he has every intention of doing his fair share in courting her, as long as chemistry exists.

Although there are guys who give out their number with genuine interest in the girl, other guys are sleazy and do it because they are talking to several women.

Yes, one of those.

He leaves his number with many women to give himself the best odds of receiving multiple texts and calls of interest from these women.

He is playing the numbers game.

He knows that the more women he gives his number to, the more likely he gets a response from some of them.

He is a player.

He gives himself many options in women.

This method puts a lot less demand on his time.

When he is not the one who has to do the calling or texting, that gives him a lot more time to find more women to give his number to.

He is managing his time proficiently to increase the likelihood of getting contacted by many women.

Besides the guy who is genuinely interested but is gauging your interest, and the player, there are guys who give you their number who are lukewarm with their intentions.

He isn’t sure about how he felt about talking to you.

At the time, it felt good, but he was doubtful about chemistry.

Not wanting to lose out on the possibility that there is romantic potential, he gave you his number, putting the onus on you to contact him.

He won’t lose sleep in the event you don’t.

But were you to call or text him, he is open to seeing whether chemistry is there or whether it blossoms.

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83 thoughts on “Guy Gave Me His Number?”

  1. Is a guy not interested if he offers his number to you oppose to taking or asking for your number?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    A guy who offers his number to you is typically interested.

    Indeed, there are some guys who do it to simply play the field with no real intention of taking it at all seriously.

    However, most guys who offer their number do it so that they can gauge your true level of interest by putting the onus on you to contact them.

    Don’t be afraid or hesitant to take his number and contact him if you are interested in him.

    Think about it this way.

    If he is truly interested, the moment you contact him, he will begin a process of genuinely getting to know you and eventually asking you out.

    If he only gave you his number to play the field and wasn’t serious to begin with, he may not respond. At least, now you know and you don’t have to bother with him any further and you can move on.

    Hence, either way, you win.

  3. if you were marry and a guy given u his number, would u text him ? being friends only on my mind distance. he did ask for mine but I told him it’s easier if I have his.

  4. Hi Kat,

    The guy most likely gave you his number because he was interested in you romantically. This means that he is most likely not looking for a friendship but for romance.

    If you are married and believe that all you would want is a friendship with this guy, think again. You may want more than that.

    The truth is, there may be something within your marriage that is making you unhappy.

    You have to strongly consider how you truly feel within your current marriage before you decide to text him.

    Bringing another man into your life even when it is under the label of “friendship” could complicate your life even further.

  5. Hi, I met a nice doctor online and he liked me too. We chatted for 1 week then I decided to give him my number. But he replied back with his number to me. What does this mean? Was he interested or not?

  6. Hi,

    There is a decent chance that he may be interested in you.

    However, he may not want to dedicate the effort or time in talking to you over the phone if he feels like he isn’t quite sure whether you are interested.

    Though you met this nice doctor online and you chatted for a week, he may not entirely be convinced that there is true romantic interest there on your part.

    Even though you gave him your number, he may need you to make more of a decisive step by actually texting or calling him first in order for him to believe that your true intentions for romance are real.

    Another reason he may have given you his number instead may also be because of the nature of online communication.

    Communicating online for many can be a lot easier and less strenuous than communicating over the phone.

    You can be whoever you want to be online. Not so much over the phone.

    When someone’s real voice is coming through a phone line, it can be a totally different experience than when they are typing something into a keyboard.

    Hence, the doctor may have that fear that communicating with you outside of the online medium may or may not go well. Hence, he puts the onus on you to communicate with him first via phone.

    Another reason why he may have given you his number instead is because he may honestly not feel like he has the time to call you or text you.

    Obviously, he does.

    He has been finding the time to communicate with you online after all.

    However, in his mind, communicating with you over the phone is different.

    In his mind, he may believe that communicating with you over the phone is too much of his time. Hence, he would rather you take the initiative so that he doesn’t have to find the time to do it.

    In a scenario like this, his interest in you is typically very lukewarm or relatively weak.

    He is intrigued enough by you to communicate online but isn’t intrigued enough to move that communication to a more personal medium, the phone.

    Hence, if you were never to call or text him, he would probably be perfectly fine with the status quo of simply communicating with you online.

  7. I have another situation going on at work. this is a very shy guy who happens to get blushes, nervous, fidgeting, ect..when talking to me. then 2 of my co worker says he seems to have a crush on me…lately we just gotten to talk more and now he kind of look normal still bit nervous. ..recently, I ask the co worker about the situation that told me. ..she comment that he’s like that to everyone. how do you open him up more… hard to talk bc it’s at work. but I don’t have his contact information. my attention is be good friends & just getting to know him better. I do want his number I could socialize better w/him…what should I do, yes am marry

  8. Hi Kat,

    You can open him up more by bringing a treat to the office one day for everyone. It could be cookies, candy, whatever.

    Once you get to his office space, you can use the treat to break the ice and get him to open up. It is easier for a shy guy to talk when they have something else they can also focus on i.e. the treat, than when it is just you and them.

    A good way to ask for his number is by inviting him to an event that you may be hosting socially for the rest of your coworkers. For example, you could plan a small get together with some of your work colleagues.

    Let him know about it.

    This way it will be a lot easier to get his number without seeming like you are too desperate because you would have your colleagues and the event as your cover.

  9. Question I was on my way to my car when a guy stopped me and gave me a paper I asked him what is this and he said u can use it if ur interested I opened it and it was his number ive not contacted what should I do dont want no relatonships

  10. Hi I had a graduation notebook where ppl can write their hp no,email adresses or whatever they want. My friend and I passed it to my crush. He was very suprised then he took it. Then,he passed it to me. He wrote his name,hp no and a note. I didnt ask him to write his no. but he did. What does this mean? Please tell me. Thanks.

  11. Hi,

    He may have written his number because he thought that he was supposed to.

    You were seeking contact information from other members of your graduation class and he may have felt that writing in his information, including his phone number, was appropriate.

    It doesn’t mean that he likes you.

    He may have simply done it because he wanted you to have his most relevant contact information and nothing more.

  12. i had a guy that i met and we had a connection, at the end he gave me his number to me and said he would to chill, i texted him and he replies very late and doesn’t text so much. is he interested? should i call or just lv it..

  13. Hi anonn,

    He may not be interested.

    Replying late and not texting much is typically a sign of that.

    Send him one more text, but this time, just make it more interesting.

    Ask him an open-ended question about something that you know he is interested in.

    If he still replies late and continues not to text so much, leave it.

  14. This guy at work tried to give his number on several occasions, several months ago. Previously he had always been friendly towards me such as being smily and getting in friendly touches. Now he teases me in a friendly way by yelling my name when I pass by and getting a kick out of my response. Its so weird like I don’t know if this man is really interested in me or if he just has fun screwing with me.

  15. Hi Jules,

    Tease him back and see how he responds.

    The more you show him that you are willing to play along, the more likely he will be motivated to show you his true intentions.

    More than likely, if he is truly interested and you are playing along, he will ultimately want to go out with you and may ask you out.

    If he is not interested and notices that you are now playing along by teasing him back, he may stop what he is doing because he would be uncomfortable taking it any further.

  16. There a guy that a met awhile ago he followed my on instagram the next morning after I set up my account. We chatted even told me,about,a girl he use to have a crush on byt didnt work out. After awhile out of the blue hwle ask do I want to continue sending him instagram messages or directly text him I said if you want to he said it would be better but he didnt want me to get the wrong idea. So he gave his number texted him the next day and he ask me what I do if I go to school work??

  17. Hi Jahnel,

    He is most likely interested in you.

    The way he said that he didn’t want you to get the wrong idea when he asked if you could start directly texting him may have been due to him not wanting to be too obvious with his romantic interest in you.

    By giving you his number, he wants his interaction with you to become more personal.

    By asking you if you go to school or work, he is trying to get to know you more as a person.

    There is a good chance that he is hoping for romantic chemistry.

  18. I work for a law office and was in court watching my boss in trial. One of the officers in the court room smiled at me a lot. I smiled too, he even said hi. This is all while the trial was going on. He left for a bit and came back and kind of showed me a piece of paper and mouthed to me it was his number. We recessed and I bumped into him and introduced ourselves and he awkwardly gave me the piece of paper with his number. I had to leave the proceedings to get back to work, so I didn’t see him again. I waited and sent a text the next day and have heard absolutely nothing from him! Not a peep. I’m not broken hearted or anything, just kind of disappointed and a little confused. Why would you give your number to someone, have them contact you, and then ghost out?

  19. Hi Heather,

    The officer may have given you his number and then ghosted out on you because he may have just recently gotten out of a relationship and he is dealing with the repercussions of that or he may have not expected that you would use the number.

    The officer may have honestly thought that he would leave his number with you for the sake of it but wasn’t entirely sure of what he would do if you used it.

    Again, this is most likely someone who may not quite know what he wants right now.

    A relationship or even dating may not be that.

    However, he reacted reflexively in that courtroom when he smiled at you because he found you to be attractive. He may not have necessarily known where he wanted all of this to go.

    This being said, he may still respond to that text that you sent him when he has come to terms with whether he wants to pursue this or not.

  20. Hi,
    Okay so I am a freshman and I was on my way a meeting with my peers, when I guy in my club sat next to me on the bus. He gave me his number before we even really started talking and once we did it nice but I found out he was senior. It has all so been a month and I did not text him then I saw him again at my club last night and we were friendly should I text him what should I do

  21. Hi Ivana,

    When he sat next to you on the bus and gave you his number before you both even started talking, he was showing you that he was interested.

    He was making a preemptive move because he didn’t want to risk finishing his conversation with you and forgetting to give you his number.

    So, out of precaution, he gave you his number first.

    You have gone a month without texting him and this wasn’t a good move. He may have moved on mentally and may not be as interested in you as he was a month ago.

    However, you should still text him because there is still a chance that he is interested. You will have to do this now though. Don’t wait another month.

    The more time passes by, the more likely he will lose interest.

  22. Hi, I have this guy friend, I have known him for seven years. A year ago, I told him I liked him but he told me I didn’t want him, because he wasn’t going to be faithful in the relationship. I thought that he just said that to avoid telling me that he doesn’t like me. So, I decided to keep my distance for about 8 months, however, whenever I saw him I would wave just to let him know that there weren’t any hard feelings. I did take it kind of hard, but I didn’t want to lose a friend over this. Last year, I had lost his number when I got a new phone, so I couldn’t contact him even if I wanted to. Fast forward to today, he messages me about my pictures I put on social media, I was shocked but I was also happy. I asked for his number, thinking he wouldn’t give it me, but to my surprise he did. What do you think? Oh, btw I’m still crushing majorly on this guy.

  23. Hi Farrah,

    Indeed, he may find you attractive. After all, he messaged you about your pictures on social media. Hence, there is probably some attraction there.

    However, when you lost his number, he didn’t make any real attempts to find you.

    It’s been 8 months since you interacted with him.

    This kind of gap in time would typically indicate that he doesn’t care about being in a relationship with you.

    A guy who is really into a girl would not have waited 8 months to reconnect.

    Even when he did send you the message about your pictures on social media, he didn’t leave you his number or ask you if you would like to meet up in order to catch up.

    He is most likely still in the state of mind that he was when he told you that he wasn’t going to be faithful in a relationship after you had let him know that you liked him.

    Don’t read too much into the fact that he just gave you his number. Again, even in this instance, you still had to be the one to ask for it.

  24. Thanks for your advice. I’m still going to text him, but I’m not going to try to get romantically involved with him. Keep it in the friend territory. However, I do want to get over him, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to text him. What do you think?

  25. Thanks for your advice. I want to get over him, but I also want to get to know him better. See over these 7 years, he wouldn’t open up to anybody, he seems almost shy but at the same time confident. I’m only keeping it in the friend territory. Should I or shouldn’t I? What’s your advice on this?

  26. Hi Farrah,

    Keep it in the friend territory for now.

    Get to know him better.

    Over time, he may become more comfortable with you and start to trust you more.

    This may make him more willing to open himself up to you which in turn could lead to romantic interest.

  27. Hi Farrah,

    If you choose to text him, try not to allow your desire for more to get the best of you.

    On other hand, if you truly want to get over him, you may be better off not texting him and instead, allow him to be the one to come after you.

  28. I had several make out session with a guy who room is next door to me and I don’t know how to act around him. I don’t know if he interested or is it just a hook up? The first time occur when I was watching t.v. and cuddling with a dog. He came around and join me. Slowly, he started touching my neck and leg. Eventually it turn into a small make out session (kissing and all that). It ended when our other roommates cam home. It happen again several time but in different situation. Should I talk to him about what this thing we have? Or, just forget it?

  29. Hi Quinn,

    Yes, you should talk to him about this.

    It is better to know where his mind is about all this than to simply keep going with it until feelings start to develop that may not be reciprocated.

  30. I have gone to a local pub a couple times and i have chatted with the bartender, who always remembers me. Last time I went he brought up some sketchy guys talking to me, and then wrote his number on a piece of paper and said to call him to hang out sometime. He brought it up again later as my friends and I were leaving. I’m really busy at work so I didn’t text him for a week or so, but he never responded. I know I’ll probably bump into him again but I don’t want that to be weird. Is he interested or just being friendly?

  31. Hi,
    There’s this guy that I’ve been friends with for years. I once told him I liked him, but he didn’t say that he did or didn’t like me. He just said that the relationship wouldn’t work. I didn’t want things to be awkward so I put some space between us. Around that time I lost his number. Fast forward to today, he recently gave me his number. I want to text him, but problem is I don’t know how or where to start.

  32. Hi Alex,

    Start with the mindset of getting to know more about him as a person.

    Try to avoid thinking about where you want all of this to lead. This is usually where people run into problems. Don’t set expectations in your mind.

    Just text him with an open-ended question and start the conversation.

  33. Hi Monica,

    He is most likely interested.

    He brought up those sketchy guys who were talking to you because he was trying to make himself out to be the better catch. In essence, he considered them to be competition.

    By writing his number on a piece of paper and telling you to call him so as to hang out sometime, he was showing interest.

    He even brought it up again before you left with your friends.

    Repetition like this typically means that he didn’t just give you his number on a whim.

    He may not have responded when you texted him because you took about a week or more to do it. By that point, he may have gotten caught up in doing something else believing that you weren’t interested.

    When you bump into him again, apologize for taking a while to text him and ask him what he is doing when he gets off work.

    This is a strong way to show him that your interest is real and you are truly willing to hang out.

    This may reinvigorate him and make him want to start the process of getting to know you better.

  34. in a party,there was a very handsome boy.He was elder than me…around in class 11th or 12th.we were making eye contact.For me,it was a luv at firsrt sight nd I think it was for him too.during the whole party,he was staring at me.He called me aside nd asked for my number.I didn’t gave him but I took his.during that,he held my hand and exchanged the icecream cup.I too did.then i ran from home,right now,I am about to call him.should i take any step or i back out?
    but that boy is a close relative of me…

  35. Hi deepika,

    Yes, you should call him.

    Remember that he asked for your number at the party but you told him that you wanted his number instead.

    That put the onus on you to contact him.

  36. Hi,
    To paint a picture of the situation, I’ll give a little back story. I have been going to court for Divorce for over a year now and there’s an officer there at the entrance that is extra nice to me all time. He’s a very charismatic and clever man. Whenever I have to appear at a hearing or drop off paperwork which is about once or twice a month we banter about it. In our banter I joke about the Divorce and where I am at with it . When it was finally finalized in December I was so happy.
    Yesterday, I had to appear at court and while I was leaving he asked if he can get me lunch (it wasn’t serious, it was to go sandwiches from subway), he took this opportunity to ask me some questions like what I was going to do now and I really didn’t think anything of it. He gave me a piece a paper with his number and told me if I’m ever in the area he’d like to take me out for dinner. Then we parted ways. My mind is not really comprehending he’s trying to ask me out on a date, until my friend said it. He’s a very nice man, he’s older than me I believe by maybe ten years. I’m not sure what his intentions are if he wants to be serious or he’s playing the field as you mentioned above. I do believe it’s possible he gave it to me, because he’s not sure how interested I truly am. My friend told me to go out on a date to see if I am interested. How soon should I contact him? He gave me his number yesterday.

  37. Hi Clarissa,

    Contact him today and tell him that you had a good time at the lunch at subways and you would like to take him up on his offer to take you out to dinner.

    The sooner you contact him, the more likely you will catch him while his interest in you is still high.

    If you decide to wait it out for a while before you contact him, you run the risk of him losing interest.

    Do it now.

  38. Hello,
    I met this very sweet Filipino guy on the airplane and had a short convo. We then bumbed into each other while waiting for our transportation. We had another nice convo & in it he mentioned he originally lives in the Philippines & only travels to the US when he needs to do some training. He asked if I have ever thought in visiting his home country. I told him I honestly have but wouldn’t know when. We both had to leave & he handed me his card with his contact information & asked to contact him if I ever decide to visit his country. He’s leaving to another state tomorrow. If I’m interested should I contact him? What could I say? I wouldn’t know if it’d be best to text him or call him? Even though I may not be visiting any time soon.

  39. Hi Nelly,

    Yes, if you are interested, you should contact him.

    It’s best to call him.

    He would want to hear your voice so that he is pleasantly reminded of his interaction with you at the airport.

    You are better off calling him sooner rather than later.

    Don’t wait for several days or weeks.

    You should call him while you are still fresh in his memory.

    So, calling him today or within the next day would be your best bet.

    In this scenario, you can start the conversation off by asking him a question about his home country.

    It could be something to do with the culture.

    This instantly puts him in a pleasant place mentally and allows him to be extemporaneous in his response.

    From here, let the conversation lead wherever it leads.

  40. Hi,

    I went on a Tinder date w/ a guy (38yrs) and it was ok. Honestly, I wasn’t my best, wittiest self, and it was the kind of date where I’m not really sure if it went well or not. The guy (who states in profile he’s looking to be a boyfriend) was really tricky to read. He was a gentleman throughout and even waited for my bus with me, but I’m really not sure how I feel about him. Afterward I thought, if he asks me out again, I’ll go because I’m curious and he is attractive to me. But if he doesn’t I probably won’t make the effort to chase him.

    I didn’t have his number prior to the date and he didn’t have mine. Next day he messages me on Tinder to say it was lovely to meet me and gives me his number. That’s it. No request for mine, no suggestion of another date. What’s his deal?

    I hate playing games. I’m too damn old. I just want to know if someone is interested in me or not.


  41. Hi Carly,

    He gave you his number because he wants you to contact him.

    You may not be used to a guy using this approach and may prefer that a guy asks for yours. You may not want to have the onus of doing the calling or texting.

    However, his intent was for you to get the number and use it because he most likely wants to go out with you again.

    Whether you choose to do so is up to you.

  42. You were right.

    I waited a while and he sent me another message apologising for being ‘forward’ for giving me his number and asking me out in a rather vague, non-specific manner.

    We’re meeting next week but I’m still not sure. He just seems weirdly unenthusiastic about the whole thing. I’m meeting him after work (in a location convenient for him) and when I asked where he replies ‘dunno yet.’ Bear in mind this is a grown man, not a youngster.

    I know the stakes are low, and I’m not a princess who needs to be worshipped, but part of me thinks if he can’t be bothered to make an effort now…

    I’m feeling pretty turned off to be honest. Should I cancel?

  43. Hi Carly,

    You want things prepared and organized.

    You like the reassurance that the guy knows exactly what you two will be doing, where you are going and so on.

    However, this is not that kind of guy.

    He did send you another message and invited you to meet. That did take effort. He may not be as organized as you would want but he does seem interested.

    Perhaps you need to let go of the need to have everything spelled out and just go with the flow.

    Don’t cancel.

    Give this date a chance and see how it goes.

    You may actually have a really good time.

    And if you don’t, you gave it a chance and there are no regrets.

  44. Hi,

    I went on holiday for the weekend in a diffrent city. In a restaurant, the waiter was very nice, we found a lot of things in common, places we have visited, hobbies, things we like. I am not a very positive or trustful person, I thought he was nice only for the tip. Just before bringing the food he gave me his number on a piece of paper. When I got outside to have a cigarette, he came as well, just to chat, so it seemed he was interested. I texted him after a day saying I got home and thanks for the chat. He never got back. It is the right number, for sure. It’s been 3 days, so maybe there is still a small chance, anyway even so, it’s not a very good start. But what was this? Is it just a game like how many girls out of all the numbers spread out will actually call back?

  45. Hi Dana,

    He may not necessarily be playing that game.

    It may be that he felt a lot of chemistry with you while you were with him at the restaurant. However, once that moment passed and you left, he has moved on.

    There may be other girls that he has more physical proximity to on a daily basis that capture more of his attention.

  46. Hi,

    Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, it makes sense, even though the moment he gave me the number he knew I am not living in the same city.
    You’re right, feeling come and go, sooner or later.
    Thanks again!

  47. Hi there, I went out nearly 2 months ago, I met a guy who gave me his number, I didn’t think of texting him as I was pretty busy, will now be too late to text him.
    I am over thinking this and don’t know if it’s apropate.

  48. Hi Anonymous,

    2 months is a while but it doesn’t mean that it is too late.

    Satisfy your curiosity by texting him.

    He may still be interested.

  49. One guy I have been recently texting asked me recently to hang out once I was out of the blue asking we should all go bowling one day I said I love bowling that would be fun but when I saw him later in the week he didn’t bring it up. Few days went pass and he ask me again but a different place the last time was during me texting him he goes to colloge so he was telling how boring his class is then say I always wanted to go go carting and I told him I did it once but didn’t enjoy it then he ask do I drive which I don’t yet I feel after that night he stop asking me I think he more ght think I’m not interested I don’t know what to think really.

  50. Hi Amy,

    He may be sensing that you don’t show too much enthusiasm when he asks you about doing activities that he may think are fun to do.

    Based on the answers you have given him and the relatively lukewarm energy you have shown, there may be a feeling on his part that he doesn’t share too much in common with you.

    This may be why he has stopped asking you.

  51. But he still interested right?? because hugs me and my Mom when I see him and he tells me I think your mom likes me and ask if my dad likes him

  52. Hi Amy,

    Hugging you or your mom doesn’t mean that he is still interested.

    He may be doing that to be polite.

    In the end, his actions so far haven’t shown that he is interested in pursuing a relationship with you at this time.

  53. So there’s no hope for us?? I know he works and goes to college so I always thought he was too busy to hang out he gets home late

  54. Hi Amy,

    Even if he may be busy with work and college, he can still spare some time, perhaps during a break, to contact you and touch base.

    He doesn’t do that.

    Hence, there doesn’t seem to be any significant reason to believe that there is any hope.

  55. Hi there, I just started work at this new workplace. there’s one guy who gave me his business card while passing a document to me. I don’t get his intention by giving his business card. he just put it on my desk without saying anything. we never really introduced ourselves but he already knew my name. l also noticed he stole glances at me. we had a short talk recently where he highlighted that he already gave me his card to me. is he just being friendly or is he trying to hit on me?

  56. Hi Rose,

    Since you are new to the workplace, he may just be trying to be friendly.

    If you notice that he tends to be this friendly with other coworkers, there is a good chance that he gave you his business card so that you know to go to him if you need something.

    He will have to show you other signs of interest before you can assume that he is hitting on you.

  57. Hey, I met this guy online and he gave me his number. I have been texting him for a while now like a month. He replies very sweetly and calls me hun, babe, love., n it really feels great,. But I wasn’t calling him those names. At some point he got mad and said I was treating him like a stranger and was trying to get rid of him. I thought about that but I didn’t get a precise answer. Am starting to feel like a bother to him because I initiate all the the chats. I really like him and now I don’t know if I should go on texting him. Am really confused…

  58. Hi pretty,

    He may want you to show him more signs that you are attracted to him. That may be why he got mad that one time and told you that you are treating him like a stranger.

    You should try to start flirting with him when you chat with him.

    Call him something nice and complimentary that you know will make him feel good too e.g. handsome, etc.

    You will need to start throwing in some words or phrases that helps him feel like you are as attracted to him as he is to you.

    Doing this may start improving your interactions with him and at some point he may be inspired to start initiating chats.

  59. Hi Hailey,

    It’s best to just talk to him directly and ask for his number that way if the conversation goes well.

    Asking his best friend for his number may not give him the best first impression about you.

  60. Hey so there’s this guy that I like and he’s super shy, but always finds a way to talk to me. We’re pretty decent friends, so I’m not sure if him talking to me is just being friendly or not. We used to talk on email but then shortly after he gave me his number. I’m a little hesitant to text him on his phone. What do I do?

  61. Hi Anonymous,

    He gave you his number because he wants you to use it.

    He clearly wants the relationship to progress from email to texting.

    You should text him and see where things lead from there.

  62. I met a guy when at Kroger with my friend . He came up to us and said he needed help on recipes. I saw him again a week later at the gym and he approached me and introduced himself and asked me name and stated he hoped he see me again . After that interaction me and the previous friend went to the gym to a week later and he approached us again and gave me his number and told me to call him the next day. I called him the next day and texted and said it was me ( since I know some people do no answer unknown number) . He hasn’t called or text back it’s been 2 days.

  63. Hi a man at work openly told people he fancies me and it was obvious to those who didn’t know as he always hung around my desk etc.

    We are both in long term relationships and casually flirted.

    He always joked that he would buy me lunch and before I left to move jobs he said he owes me lunch and he said he wants us to keep in touch meet up for catch ups etc I said ok and he was like yes great you’re on! (I’ve only moved 2 minutes away from my old job)

    Before I left he gave me his business card attached to a scratchcard (as a present) and I said his would be the first number I save in my new phone and he was all smiles.

    I text him the following morning jokingly saying thanks for all that money. That was 3 days ago and I’ve heard nothing from him.

    What’s going on?

  64. Hi Anon,

    You are no longer working at that job.

    That means that your physical presence is no longer there.

    Thereby, he no longer feels all that connected to you.

    He has most likely not responded to your text in 3 days because he has lost that physical connection with you and doesn’t really want to expend his time and energy exchanging texts with you.

  65. Hi,
    So I just met this guy about two to three weeks ago. We haven’t really seen each other lately but today we kept playing around with each other and he just grabbed my phone and put in his number with a nickname he made up and added me on snapchat…is he interested or not?

  66. Hey, I was speaking to a lovely guy earlier it was just a random conversation with a stranger at my gate we spoke for a while then parted ways, he then came back and knocked on my door with his number on a piece of paper and gave it to me saying I should message him, I’m not sure how long I should be waiting or what he’s after as he’s going back to Dubai soon advice please

  67. Hi Ray ray,

    He is after you.

    If you are interested in him, you shouldn’t wait long.

    You should text or call him today.

    He may be able to change his plans about going back to Dubai if he realizes that he has an amazing connection with you.

  68. Last month or so a guy gave me his number while I was working, and at the time I was busy with a lot of personal issues. So I didn’t text him, like I said it’s been a month almost two and now I’m wondering if it’s too late to text him back. Thank you for any advice.

  69. So I met this guy from at one of my friends party. Who so happens to be his family. I caught him starting at me all night one of his family member introduced us later on that evening and I later found him on social media, we began talking from there for a few months now…. To speed of the story a week ago I. Gave him my number but he never responded and then today he gives me his number so is he interested or complicated?.

  70. I met a guy in a dinner for gathering people seeking dates. There was a conversation going between all people on the table. He looked a bit shy, but talked a lot about his work. He wanted to give a good image about himself in a modest way. Before leaving I said bye to him, and shaked hands, but he kept my hand between his hands, and pronounced his name on fb, then his number, but my pride stopped me from allowing him to continue saying I have a headache so please dont continue telling me the rest of the number.
    I added him on fb and he immediately accepted. I sent him a message asking about someone just to open a conversation, but he did not reply. The 2nd day he posted on my timeline on my birthday!
    Later after few days , he posts on his timeline a quote including that he feels safe when looking in his beloved eyes , and replies to one of comments that he prefers a beloved with no sunglasses , while my profile has sunglasses.
    Now, is it true that he feels rejected, or should I try to text him again?
    I dont find right words to open a conversation if texting him is not understood weak on my side.

  71. I know I found this late…But I’m perplexed and going through a range of emotions and annoyance over it. Lol A guy I met doing some contracting work on a house I’m renting gave me his number after the first day and said if I ever need anything give him a call. we had some chats about the living conditions and other roommates so I thought, maybe OK he’s just friendly and genuinely concerned since I’m new. Since then I did text him once with a sports joke and he told me to keep his number and to be safe. Then the second day we chatted more about our families etc and he used my number to call me and tell me I had a package…Now he came back a third day to finish but no chat other than a good morning I offered in passing and he dealt with my roommate the rest of the day until he left. I would imagine today was the last day of the work, so I guess I expected a text or something. nothing. I did enjoy talking to him and seeing him everyday, but now I’m like “OK…Did I do something wrong? Or did this dude genuinely just give me the number to be friendly and wasn’t interested in that way?” Lol it’s pretty embarrassing at this point.

  72. Hi
    I went out to grab a coffee with some friends this evening as my friend is doing dry January and this guy came over while I was waiting for my coffee.
    He was pretty attractive and started talking to me about my plans for the evening and where in London I’m from etc. He was very confident and very much in my personal space and when he asked for my whatsapp I told him that I had a boyfriend so didn’t feel comfortable giving it out. He then said no I’m not looking for a date just to party, and then he told me to take his business card and call him anytime i was out friends and and boyfriend invited too.

    Then my coffee was ready so I took the card and left to go and wait for my friends. I looked him up as he was dressed well and from what he told me he sounded quite well off. It turns out he was a model and although I can objectively appreciate that he was attractive I was not attracted to him and arrogance is a real turn off for me.

    However, I work in a prominent fashion brand and he is a model so it would be great to network. My friends were keen to go out tomorrow as I also know it’s men’s London fashion week this weekend and with some of them being single they are really excited. However, I am not sure what his intentions are and I don’t want to take him up on his offer and turn up with my boyfriend if he was interested and for it to be very awkward.

    I would also like to add – he did not know where I worked this is just coincidence that we are both involved in fashion. And on another note I was trying to suss out his intentions while I waited for my friends and he did not look my way again – so I would generally take that as he is not romantically interested but I want to be sure before I reach out

  73. Hi,

    After reading your article, I thought really hard about a situation I’m going through.
    My boss and I sometimes see each other at work; when he sees me, he always feels happy to see me! When his other companions or bosses ask him if he’ll stay around and talk to me, he and I just give them a snare and they go away!

    He has asked me once or twice: what am I doing this evening?
    Any plans? Unfortunately, if he asked these things if it wasn’t a very busy time for us (it was Passover/Easter, so the workload was extremely hectic), I think he might’ve wanted to go out with me? We have a difference of 11.5 years, but I don’t mind the age gap.
    In fact, when I spoke to him another time, and after I revealed my age to him – THEN he gave me his number when I asked him if we can continue talking. He ALWAYS takes my hands into his at least twice, every time we talk together. Mainly, when we talk, it’s 50% of the time related to work, and 50% of the time related to personal lives.

    So…the fact that he gave me his number, does it mean anything?
    He always tells me that if I ever need anything, I should contact him via in person or via phone, but I’m just not sure about the way he feels for me. I don’t think a man would just randomly throw his number around (especially when he’s the big boss of our company) to every person he thinks is friendly.
    So far, I’ve sent him a message and a video, and he’s responded.
    Does the fact that he gave me his number have any actual significance of some sort?
    I’ve NEVER felt this giddy and had a “butterflies in my stomach” feeling in my life, until I met him.

    We’ve tried speaking and meeting up for almost 6 months, but I don’t know if it means that he’s not ready to make that “UMPH” move or not…
    Please help~! Thank you!

  74. So I met this guy earlier and I have been noticing lately that he stares at me but never approaches me so I decided to approach him and start a conversation I’m usually confident but this time I was like kinda shy and awkward and he was confident so I tried to get to know him I asked him for his number because I was about to leave and he gave it to me and then we just started texting each but he seemed or sounded more shyer in messages.

  75. I don’t what I should do because I aalso asked him if he wanted to hangout and he said that he is not sure . So…

  76. At an event this guy just started holding a conversation with me. We were interrupted but everytime he sees me and have an opportunity, he will hold a conversation. One day at an event, I asked if he would be attending an upcoming event that was scheduled, and he told me he would be there. I started to leave but he continued the conversation and it turned into a very long conversation. All of a sudden he basically took off almost like he was running away. When we met again, he was jumpy and acted nervous around me, he said nothing to me and I didn’t say anything to him. This lasted for about two and a half weeks, then one day he justed started trying to talk with me again. I only answered or responded to him and went my way. I don’t understand what happened as to why he acted so weird with me. Do you? I won’t allow myself to connect with him as I once did. Any answers as to what happened?

  77. Hi,there is a guy that always look and smile at staying at level 2 condo and he’s working infront of my house .we dont know each other at all.he is a complete stranger in my life.there was one day he climbed into corridor of my house and gave me chocolate with a mini letter(with his phone number in it) . I just ignore him and after few days he gave me another chocolate with a he says in that scnd letter (he likes me and again with his phone number) .and i didnt give him any respond because i dont know him (we dont know each other at all )but i feel pity for him.because im not ready for any relationship i was wondering does he really likes me or he just wanna play game?

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