Should I Just Walk Away From Him?

Should I Just Walk Away From Him?

Do what feels right, after careful assessment of your situation.

A situation where you have been doing most of the work as far as communication, warrants walking away.

There has to be an equal balance of give and take.

When the majority of the effort is coming from your end, it is unhealthy and exhausting.

There is no reason for him to exhibit so little effort when there is genuine interest in you.

When a person has genuine interest in someone else, they show it through communicating with them regularly and being around them consistently.

Be clearheaded about what has been transpiring.

It is hard to do this when you righteously like a guy.

Excuses are spewed, as you want so badly for this relationship to work out.

Don’t do this.

What is the point in giving him excuses when it all ends at the same place?

It ends where you have a broken heart, having committed so much time to making this relationship work and now he has walked away.

Why did he walk away?

He walked away, having achieved what he selfishly desired and now, he is bored.

A guy who has consistently exhibited a lack of true interest in what you are interested in, doesn’t really care for a relationship.

When he doesn’t really care for it, he rarely puts in the effort to experience moments with you that matter.

A guy who cares about you, doesn’t have to love every single one of your interests, but he genuinely endeavors to uncover why you love them by partaking in them.

He is invested in what the other person loves.

They want their partner to do what they love and do it abundantly.

There is no justifiable reason in wasting your time with a guy who isn’t as invested in you as you are in them.

Walking away in this instance is the most sensible act.

Consider where your lives are at the moment.

Is this person available and open to having a real relationship or are they frequently busy with other priorities?

A guy who is too preoccupied with their life, too busy for a committed relationship, is a guy you walk away from.

Some people make the mistake of forcing themselves into believing that they need to be a little patient.

Surely, this guy is going to be less busy in time and be ready.


A guy with a busy life who still has time to hang out with friends on the weekend, is a guy who is stringing you along.

Look at his life outside of work.

How often have you thought about why he hasn’t invited you to do something with him when you clearly see on his social media that he is out with friends?

Don’t be his guinea pig.

The girl who naively waits on the guy to finally have more free time for her.

He does have free time, regardless of how busy he is.

He consciously chooses to spend most of that time without you.

In meeting him at his convenience, you are nothing but a girl on the side.

It is impractical to make a relationship work when the two people involved have very different priorities.

Walk away.

This is especially urgent when you have the time and the capacity right now to give your undivided attention to someone.


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