Should I Just Walk Away From Him?

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Should I Just Walk Away From Him?You should do what feels right after you have taken an educated assessment of your situation.

If it is a situation where you have been doing most of the work as far as communication, you may want to consider walking away.

There has to be an even balance at some point. If the majority of the effort is coming from your end, it is unhealthy and exhausting.

There is just no reason why he should put in so little effort if he has genuine interest in you.

When a person has genuine interest in someone else, they will show it through wanting to communicate with them regularly and being around them consistently.

You have to be honest with how things have been going in this relationship.

It can be really hard to do this when you really like a guy.

You may give him all kinds of excuses just because you want so badly for this relationship to work out.

However, you shouldn’t do this.

What is the point in giving him all kinds of excuses when it all ends at the same place.

It ends where you have a broken heart because you have committed so much time to making this relationship work and he has now walked away.

Why did he walk away?

He walked away because he has gotten what he wanted out of this and is now bored.

This could easily be where all of this leads to.

There has to be balance.

If you have noticed that he lacks true interest in what you tend to have interest in, he doesn’t really care for it.

If he doesn’t really care for it, he will rarely put in the effort to experience moments with you that matter.

He doesn’t have to love your interests per se but he should still show some genuine interest in them. He does this because he should care about you.

That is what people do when they truly care about the other.

They get invested in what the other person loves.

They want that other person to have what they love and have it abundantly.

There really is no point wasting your time with a person who isn’t as invested in you as you are in them.

If you are wondering whether you should walk away from him, these are all important aspects that you have got to consider.

You should also consider where the both of you are at in your lives at the moment.

Does this person seem available and open to having a real relationship?

Do they seem very busy with other priorities?

It’s important that you consider this as well.

If this person is in a point in their life right now where it seems like they aren’t quite ready for a committed relationship or they are simply too preoccupied with other duties, you should definitely think about walking away.

This is especially true if you have the time and the capacity right now to give your undivided attention to someone.

It would be impossible to make a relationship work when the two people involved have very different priorities.

Different priorities send the message that the both of you aren’t on the same relationship wavelength or even trajectory.

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