Would You Date A Workaholic?

Would You Date A Workaholic?

Dating a workaholic can be challenging.

If you aren’t a workaholic yourself, you may find it difficult to sustain this kind of relationship.

If you have a good amount of free time on your hands outside of work, you could become very dissatisfied with the fact that the person that you are dating is at work and not hanging out with you.

It’s important to figure out what you can tolerate.

You may like a person so much that you choose to date them even though you know that the person is a workaholic.

You tell yourself that you will find a way to deal with it.

You get so caught up in how good that person is making you feel in the moment.

However, in time, you may come to regret your decision to date this workaholic.

The reality of your situation begins to set in.

You are no longer on that initial euphoric height that you were on when you first met this person.

That energy has now been replaced with a much stronger need for this person’s company and attention.

If that workaholic is not there to meet your needs, you will soon start developing a resentment towards that person.

You may come to the point where you start having fights with the person as you complain about the fact that you don’t get to see or hear from them as often as you would like.

This workaholic tells you that you always seemed okay with it and wonders why you are suddenly beginning to complain about the situation.

To this workaholic, their arrangement with you up until now that you are beginning to revolt has been exactly as they like it.

They get to put in all the time that they do at work while getting to interact with you on their own time, when they are available to.

Hence, they have been getting their needs met because they don’t need that much attention from you.

They may be married to their work.

Their work may be where they get the majority of their sustenance and enjoyment. However, you have now realized that you need a lot more than this workaholic is willing to give you.

If you get into a relationship with someone who is a workaholic and continues to stay a workaholic, they are often indicating that their work has more priority to them than their relationship with you.

Again, the mistake that people often make when they start dating a workaholic is in believing that the workaholic will change for them and start making more time for them.

After all, this is a special relationship that they have.

Well, don’t count on that.

If this is a person who has always been a workaholic, this kind of lifestyle has most likely become habit to this person.

This is what they know and are comfortable with.

They may even be addicted to the kind of money that they make being that they get to work more hours than the regular person does.

Thinking that this person who already has a track record of being a workaholic will change for you can be very naive.

If you are already questioning the wisdom in dating a workaholic, your instincts may be trying to tell you that you wouldn’t be happy in this kind of relationship.

You should listen.


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