I Am Nearly 20 And Never Had A Boyfriend

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I Am Nearly 20 And Never Had A Boyfriend

Are you sure that you truly want a boyfriend?

Do you desire a boyfriend for the right reasons?

Knowing who you are and being at a stage in your life where you genuinely want a boyfriend in your life to add to your happiness, not to make you happy, is the healthiest approach.

Never having had a boyfriend at nearly 20 is a testament to not being entirely sold on yourself and what you have to offer someone.

Figure out where you stand emotionally as a person.

Do you regard yourself as someone who is full of life and loves herself?

When you haven’t learned to accept who you are nor love yourself, it is hard to permit yourself to have a boyfriend.

The thing is, guys read this.

When guys have the sense that you haven’t fully accepted yourself nor love yourself, it is troublesome for them to entertain the idea of dating you.

Your first task is to take a good look at yourself and ask yourself whether you truly believe that you are a complete person with a rich life who loves herself.

A girl who exudes a self-assured energy attracts guys to her and sooner rather than later, attracts a boyfriend.

Now, be warned.

Yes, it is great to have a rich life that is full of adventure and activity, but be wary of going too far.

Giving guys the impression that you are so busy with your fantastically rich life that you have no time for them makes them look elsewhere in search of a girlfriend.

Guys do want to feel like they are needed and desired.

Sometimes, women unwittingly come off as being a little bit too into their own lives.

Involved in so many activities, they barely leave any room on their schedule to date.

They are so consumed with their career and social circle that they give men the impression that there is no room left for them.

Realizing that your lifestyle has added to your bad luck in meeting a boyfriend is a hard pill to swallow, especially when you feel like you have been living your best life.

But, a life that is too full, leaves little to no room for a guy and many pick up on it when they see you in public.

You are constantly rushing somewhere with your head down staring at your smartphone, so much in haste that you aren’t establishing eye contact with any guys.

This is how you send the message that your life is too hectic and busy.

A guy observes your frantic nature in public and chooses to forgo approaching you, as they envision a girl callously telling them off for bothering her while she hurries off to wherever she is headed.

As full as your life is, there is clearly something missing.

Slow down.

Get your head out of your smartphone and make more eye contact with men in public, followed with a smile.

This is positive body language and is inviting to men, compelling them to approach you.

Do this exercise today and you won’t be without a boyfriend for long.

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