I Am Nearly 20 And Never Had A Boyfriend

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I Am Nearly 20 And Never Had A Boyfriend

Are you sure that you actually want a boyfriend?

No, I don’t mean because you think that this is what you are supposed to do.

Not because of that.

Do you truly want a boyfriend?

Do you want one for the right reasons?

The right reason of knowing who you are and wanting to share your life with someone.

That’s a good reason to want a boyfriend.

You may have never had one because you haven’t truly accepted yourself for who you are.

There may be a part of you that isn’t entirely sold on yourself and what you would have to offer someone.

You really do need to figure out where you stand emotionally as a person.

Do you regard yourself as someone who is really full of life and loves herself?

When you haven’t learned to accept who you are and love yourself, it can be very hard to allow yourself to have a boyfriend.

The thing is, guys will also be able to read on this.

When guys get the sense that you haven’t fully accepted yourself nor love yourself, it can be really difficult for them to entertain the idea of dating you.

Hence, your first task is to take a good look at yourself and ask yourself if you truly believe that you are a complete person with a rich life who loves herself.

Now, another part of this could have a lot to do with what you have been doing with your life up to this point.

Yes, it is great to have a rich life and to be completely happy with yourself but this can also be taken too far.

You shouldn’t give guys the impression that you are so busy with your fantastically rich life that you have no time for them.

Guys do want to feel like they are needed and desired.

Sometimes women make the mistake of being a little bit too into their lives.

They are involved with so many activities that they barely leave any room on their schedule to date.

They are so consumed with their career that they give men the impression that there is no room left for them.

This can be very difficult for a person like yourself to accept.

You may say that there is nothing wrong with having a very full life that is loaded with activities and deadlines.

However, this can be overbearing to a lot of guys.

Guys may see you as someone who simply doesn’t want nor need a man.

Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being independent and having a full life.

As I mentioned earlier, having this kind of life gives you a really good chance at accepting you and loving you.

However, you shouldn’t take it so far the other end of the spectrum that you give off the impression that you are just too busy or just too complacent to need a man in your life.

The truth is, you do.

You need a man to fulfill some need in your life, whether it be emotional, physical or both.

Hence, you should allow yourself to show that part of you.

When men get the sense that they are not only dealing with a confident woman who loves herself but one who also needs them and has a place for them in their life, you may not be without a boyfriend for much longer.

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