How Do You Walk Away From The Guy You Love

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How Do You Walk Away From The Guy You Love

Walking away from the guy you love is mainly facilitated when you have a mindset of complete release.

Completely releasing someone from your life is hard.

Walking away doesn’t happen without a complete release.

This is where you ditch this guy completely from your mind.

Train your mind to release.

When you are not prepared to do this, there is frustration.

Your mind is so programmed to think about him, he keeps coming to mind, like a film reel, and now, you are lost in thought.

That reel in your mind is sending images of old times, when the relationship was in its prime and the future looked so promising.

Don’t lose yourself in this pattern.

Deprogamming your mind is a must.

You mustn’t be lost in thought about it and disintegrate into images of a time long gone.

This is difficult, given that this is a guy you love, but the first step is to put away anything around you that reminds you of him.

An item of clothing, piece of furniture, gift, accessory or something technical.

Obviously, it has to be something that is feasible.

When red cars always remind you of him, it is somewhat impossible to put those away.

You get the picture.

The goal is to rid yourself of reminders.

The next step is to form a new circle of friends.

This doesn’t mean that you entirely get rid of the old friends.

Regularly socializing with mutual friends is a constant reminder of him.

Reduce the activities you experience with them.

It isn’t a permanent fixture.

Right now, your mind is incredibly susceptible to losing yourself whenever someone or something reminds you of him.

Until you deprogram your mind, you are scarily vulnerable.

Placing yourself around new people creates new memories that have nothing to do with the guy you want to walk away from.

On the contrary, your mind is now filling up with information about these new people, leaving a lot less space in your mind to conjure images of this guy.

The next step is to open yourself up to dating other guys.

You aren’t looking for a rebound.

Talking to new guys preoccupies your mind.

It’s an exercise in distraction.

This is not about falling in love with someone new when you aren’t ready.

Take it slow and have fun as you talk to new guys, but have absolutely no expectations.

Don’t rush into anything.

These new guys you are dating are your reassurance that other great guys exist in the universe.

Recognizing that there are great guys out there, enlightens you on the reality that falling in love again with someone new isn’t out of the question.

Check your emotions for negative emotions.

The absence of anger, frustration or malice towards this guy frees you.

Without those potent emotions constantly present, you are free to have new experiences wholeheartedly.

Walking away from the guy you love is a lot more fluid when negative emotions aren’t chaining you to the past.

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