How Can I Tell If She Is Still Dating Someone At This Time?

In the event this is a girl you know, be straightforward and ask her whether she is dating someone.

How Can I Tell If She Is Still Dating Someone At This Time?Do the same for a girl you don’t know, but if this makes you feel a little uncomfortable, use subtlety.

Ask her about what she does on her weekends and use her response to help you figure it out.

When she is dating someone, she hangs out with this person on the weekends.

She mentions this person as she describes her weekends.

You have just found out when she is dating someone.

Either way, never make assumptions.

Hear it from her mouth.

Guys falter when they force themselves to assume that the girl must be dating someone as she is so beautiful, popular or extroverted.

Unfortunately, they use this as their reason not to find out whether she is dating someone.

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Don’t be this guy.

Girls don’t stay single for long.

Especially the attractive ones.

There is a window to ask her out, otherwise, some other guy does and you lose out on her.

Fear and little to no confidence is what deceives so many guys from making a move on a girl.

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How sorry is it to come to find out months later that the girl you were interested in was single, but you made the false assumption that she was dating someone and chose not to make a move on her.

There are other subtle maneuvers to find out whether she is dating someone.

A person you know has mutual friends with you.

Talk to these mutual friends and get on their good side.

Soon, they invite you to socialize with them.

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Eventually, whether it be in conversation or by physical evidence, you learn whether this girl is dating someone.

In conversation, her friend mentions it, giving the group an account of the guy and what he is like.

In physical evidence, the girl of interest shows up on one of these social meetings with a guy she is dating.

Nevertheless, you find out.

Without solid information from her own mouth, that of friends, or visual confirmation, never assume she is dating someone.

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An attractive or popular girl has many guys around her, hoping to have a shot with her.

Don’t be intimidated.

Be confident in yourself, make your approach and ask her out.

This is as direct as it gets, but it showcases your confidence.

Now, instead of making assumptions or relying on secondhand information, you make your move and find out firsthand.

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Whether she says yes or not, you have demonstrated courage.

Courage that many guys who hang around her hoping for their shot haven’t shown.

In the event she is single, she just might say yes.

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