How Can I Tell If She Is Still Dating Someone?

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How Can I Tell If She Is Still Dating Someone?If you know this person, you can simply ask.

If you don’t know this person and feel like it would be too forward to ask her if she is dating someone, you could be a little bit more subtle about it.

You could ask her what she tends to do on her weekends and use her response to help you figure it out.

If she is dating someone, there is a good chance that she hangs out with this person on the weekends.

She will mention this person as she describes her weekends.

You have just found out if she is dating someone.

Now, if this is someone you know, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask them if they are dating someone.

It is really important that you understand the importance of being open and honest about your intentions.

So many people delay being forthcoming with their true intentions or may not even show them at all.

This is such a mistake.

You can’t assume that this person you know will ever look at you as a possible romantic interest if you are not forthright about how you feel about them.

The first step is finding out if this person is available.

Again, simply asking them about their status or if they are dating someone would suffice.

Now, in case you simply don’t want to have to use the direct approach of doing this with someone you know, there is another way.

You can talk to this person’s friends or acquaintances.

If you know this person, you may actually have mutual friends.

You can subtly find out from friends or colleagues of this person of interest if they are indeed still dating someone.

You can do it while engaged in conversation with them. It doesn’t have to be done directly.

You can get the answer naturally while in conversation as you learn more details about what they did with this person recently.

Friends tend to hang out and socialize.

As you receive anecdotes about events that they have gone on recently, they will naturally let you know about a boyfriend or girlfriend as the conversation progresses.

Do pay attention to this.

It will just be included in the natural flow of the conversation.

If as the conversations progress, you never hear these friends mention that this person of interest came with a partner or did something with them with a partner, there is a good chance that your person of interest isn’t dating.

At least, not dating on a serious and exclusive level.

Hence, simply through natural conversations that you have with the friends and acquaintances of this person of interest, you can actually decipher their dating status.

If all else has failed and you simply haven’t been able to find out if they are still dating this other person, you can just ask them out directly and find out that way.

Yes, this leaves you open to rejection but you shouldn’t look at it in that way.

You should look at it as an opportunity that you took because you were ready for it.

If she is still dating someone else or isn’t interested, you can move on to someone who is without having to deal with the what ifs.

This puts you at a much better place mentally because you would be able to move on with a clearer mindset and conscience.

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