Do I Expect Too Much? I’m Confused And Feel Like I Will Never Find A Boyfriend Because Of It?

Do I Expect Too Much? I'm Confused And Feel Like I Will Never Find A Boyfriend Because Of It?

You may expect too much if you are using every other relationship that you have observed around you as your example.

This is the problem that some girls face when they want to find a boyfriend.

Due to the fact that they haven’t had much or any experience with having a boyfriend in their lives, they look to the relationships that they have seen in media, the public, their families or their friends for guidance.

The truth is that you may have a totally different set of needs than you have observed from others.

So, trying to match everything that you have observed with what you think you would want in a boyfriend would only be to your detriment.

This may be why you are wondering whether you expect too much.

Indeed, the guys that may come into your life or observe you may already get the sense that you are looking for something that they simply can’t provide.

One of the best things you can do to figure out whether you are expecting too much is to turn your demands and expectations back on yourself.

In other words, ask yourself if you are actually able to give these exact demands and expectations to a potential boyfriend.

Hence, instead of focusing on what you want to get out of a relationship with a guy, take a moment to focus on what you can actually give.

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You really need to be realistic and truthful about this.

Sometimes, as human beings, we make ourselves to be so much more than what we really are.

We give ourselves way too many qualifications and credits.

We listen to our doting friends and family a little too much and start believing our own hype.

Try not to fall for that.

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Try to take all of that out of the equation.

Now, look at yourself and ask yourself whether you would truly be able to provide the exact same things that you are expecting from a guy.

If the answer is no, then you are expecting too much.

You have to come back down to reality.

As I mentioned earlier, a good reason why you may have never found a boyfriend is because guys can tell that you have all these demands and expectations.

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Sensing all that can make a lot of guys run away out of fear of not being able to meet your demands.

Others may run because though they could possibly meet your demands and expectations, they already know that you may never be satisfied.

In essence, you may become the type that wants more and more and is never grateful for what they are already giving you.

You need to understand the role that you have played in all of this. Your current predicament is not solely the fault of guys.

Your expectations may be getting the better of you and you may be living in an alternate reality in terms of what is possible in a mate.

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Once you are able to make your expectations more centered on reality and also centered on what you can equally provide to a potential boyfriend, it will be easier for you to find a boyfriend.

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