How Do I Deal With Rejection?

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How Do I Deal With Rejection?Don’t take rejection personally.

I know that this can be very hard to do as we are human and hence we tend to personalize our experiences. We respond to external stimuli, positive or negative, because that is in our nature.

However, there are a number of elements to this that you need to understand and accept in order for you to be able to deal with it.

You could have been rejected for a multitude of reasons.

The rejection doesn’t always mean that there was something wrong with you.

The person that rejected you may simply not be at a place in their life where they are wanting a romantic relationship with anyone, period.

The person may be having some personal issues of their own that they are dealing with which wouldn’t warrant allowing a romantic relationship to develop.

The person may be dealing with emotional problems and depressing lows from a past relationship that they haven’t gotten over.

The person may even have problems with intimacy or commitment.

Again, you may have gotten rejected for a number of reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with you.

The first place the human mind tends to go whenever it experiences rejection is to discern that this was due to them.

You will instantly start questioning your level of attractiveness or persona.

You will start doubting yourself because you have now drawn the conclusion that you were the one who lacked appeal.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Again, it isn’t always about you.

This other person may have issues that have nothing to do with you which prevents them from wanting to pursue a relationship not only with you but with anyone else at this time.

Now, even if you were rejected because of your looks, you do need to understand that looks are very subjective.

What one person finds to be attractive, another person may look at as unattractive. This is what makes us human beings so dynamic and unique.

Just think about it for a moment.

If all of us human beings were to like the exact same kind of person in looks, that would leave a massive portion of the population without mates.

Let’s say we all only like to date blonds.

Well, what happens to all the brunettes, red heads and so on?

They will all be without partners and there will only be so many blonds to go around.

Is this the way you have observed our society to be?

Of course not.

When you see people who are dating in the real world, they are of varying looks and levels of attractiveness.

This is how the world works.

When a particular look doesn’t do it for one person, it will for another.

Thereby, you should understand that your physical appearance isn’t going to make every woman or man swoon and want to date you no matter what you’ve been told by friends and family.

Yes, even Brad Pitt has gotten rejected at some point in his life.

Even Brad Pitt today would not be physically appealing to certain women.

Beauty and looks is subjective.

Your task is to ensure that you continue to have an active social life so that you expose yourself to as many potential romantic suitors as possible.

This gives you the best chance of being noticed. At this point, you will realize that your earlier rejection experience was subjective and really had nothing to do with you in a personal sense.

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